it’s 2017!

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…and back to work we go, after a lovely few days spent cosy on the big settee catching up on the Christmas films missed whilst away and busy-busy last week, not least with trips to the Museum of London, Borough Market for supplies and a special evening out to see Lazarus at the Kings Cross theatre which I would gladly recommend to anyone. And I am resolutely not a theatre person.

Also on the itinerary was an outing to the new Lego store at Leicester Square, only to be thwarted when it turned out to have five lanes of queue just to get through the door. I did manage to get a look through the window, and as a lifelong Lego fan a return is definitely on the cards when I’m back at the end of the month, more than likely teamed with a night at the pictures to see the Trainspotting sequel (thoughtfully released just after my birthday and pretty much guaranteed to be on everywhere). If anybody with better timing or just more patience than me has actually been inside, I am officially green with envy.

A bare thirty nine hours or so into the New Year I did manage to get and stay perpendicular for long enough to watch the mighty Scarborough Athletic beat Goole 2-0 and somehow without getting frostbite, despite the kiosk having catastrophically run out of Bovril. Almost a whole week in now and things are settling back to normal, the decorations are back in the loft (and thanks to Henry’s sterling efforts the carpet is entirely without bits of tree) and a gentle time beckons; tomorrow in particular marks what would have been David Bowie’s seventieth birthday and respects will be paid no doubt with help from the folk at 6Music, my go to station and unofficial guarantors of at least two Bowie songs an hour even on a normal day. This week last year was not a good one and that’s a fact, so I’m making no concrete plans at all for the next few days. We’ll see.

My turn for the birthday precisely two weeks after the man himself’s – yay! Another update at some point before that amid the January coldness; thankfully everywhere that needs to be is warm and whilst the leftovers are getting a bit sparse now, there’s still enough to keep me occupied for now, at least. A few changes are afoot too, and not least the oft-promised new pictures – more of that soon! My progress with the new phone is, well, progressing (and huge thanks to the kind gentleman in Pimlico who showed me how to answer it when somebody rang after two full weeks of being completely unable to figure it out by myself).

Song of the Week follows some more terribly sad news over Christmas, but will hopefully help to keep the cold out! I remember queuing in Woolies to buy this one (and believing the video below to be possibly the most glamorous thing I had Ever Seen Ever). May George Michael, a thoroughly nice bloke, rest in peace.

Being the weekend, B&Q beckons (well, obviously). More soon…

1 more sleep…

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It’s Christmas Eve already – yay! Where did the week go?

Another thing that has gone is my Samsung tablet, which took a completely unspectacular tumble no more than a couple of feet onto a rug and refused point blank to work from then onwards. Since replacing the digitiser (which the screen is attached to, the point of it being to make a bit of glass into a touch screen) costs roughly as much as replacing the entire thing I have finally gone against type and bought a shiny touchscreen smartphone and after only two factory resets I am pleased to say I’m getting the hang of it, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that I would rather not have had to less than a week before Christmas.

Still, the camera seems to work well so the much-vaunted new pictures might be closer than we think! They’ll necessarily need to be post turkey (not that the turkey has much of an effect compared with the mince pies, pudding and Quality Street, which I have incredibly managed to find in an actual tin this year instead of one of the weird plastic tubs) but as soon as I have a few minutes inbetween the fridge, Spotify and Elf I’ll give it a go. Or more likely, I might stick to sitting amongst the twinkly lights eating biscuits and watching TV with the fishes, for now at least.

The bags are packed for next week and London bookings are trickling in so it’s possibly worth pointing out – should I need to – that my phone is off for calls now and will be off COMPLETELY from this evening until Tuesday morning when I fill up some tupperwares and head for Pimlico to wake things up a bit. Next Scarborough incalls will provisionally be Wednesday January 4th 2017, and hopefully there’ll still be some leftovers so I don’t have to resort to digging out the spare secret turkey from the freezer at the flat.

The second Song Of The Week and another Christmas favourite to enjoy! To all who have visited this year as well as those who have yet to, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s been an odd one, alright.

See you next year!

i fought the floor…

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…and the floor (nearly) won. It’s finally down – or at least most of it is – but dear God, the dust.

To anybody who called in the days that followed and was faintly surprised to hear the late Leonard Cohen answering, unfortunately that was me. And more is to come since there’s still the final rooms-worth of it to go, but for the time being it’s done with and thanks to mine and Henry’s sterling efforts the mess is almost gone, New Speaker is temporarily ensconced on a shelf nearby and the house is finally settling into Christmas mode, especially now that my living room no longer resembles the Steptoes’ yard.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks even leaving the floor aside – the 24 hour dash to Brixton and back for the Pixies could be said to have set things back a bit further but seriously, who cares – worth every hour and every penny including the twenty quid for the T-shirt I swore I wouldn’t buy. Never has standing on a slope in a darkened room listening to a short, bald man screaming for two hours been so entirely uplifting (and I’ve spent many a two hour stretch in darkened rooms with men of all shapes and sizes) but alarming in the sense that everybody present both on stage and off looked like a proper grown up. More alarming still is that I probably do too. Not to me though, which is all that matters.

Back home and the last of the Christmas preparations are in full swing; the cake is marzipanned and (as of last night) iced following an afternoon of playing nicely in the kitchen with snowflake stamps, tree is up, turkey is ordered, shopping is done, presents are wrapped and the Christmas Radio Times (the publication of which signifies the official start of Christmas in this house, at least) is bought. This week promises to be a calm and relaxing build up to the day itself with little left to do. Optimism is the way forward.

And as we can see, the Christmas page is up! Not that it’ll make any difference to those reading on Adultw╬┐rk, who will just have to learn to click through if they want availability since posting details of it on the profile page is strictly verboten (to the extent that I’ll even have to cut this sentence out as I copy and paste it over) on pain of getting unceremoniously dumped from the site without warning or explanation. But I digress; what getting all the jobs out of the way in good time (a habit I fell into over years of working in London every December for the whole week before the break and having to get everything done before I set off) does allow for is a fairly seamless final working week and I will not only be keeping company at my flat every day this week, but until later than usual too – yay! Usual caveats of booking before 5pm for those calling on the day will apply, but bar Thursday I will be taking bookings until 9pm instead of 7 and I would recommend getting in in good time. It’ll be fun!

London will be hot on Boxing Day’s heels on Tuesday week for anybody wanting to cosy up in Pimlico, but no need to worry about that now; Song of the Week is one of my all time Christmas favourites and it never hurts to have a bizarre yet festive video accompaniment.

More soon! Mince pies are beckoning, and thanks to the resounding success of my pre-Christmas WeightWatchers stint (to the extent that my clothes are now all too big) I can have as many as I like. Roll on next week…

back from the smoke!

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Well now I remember why I worked in Pimlico! Charming punters, peace & tranquility in abundance and only ten minutes or so walking through Mary Poppins-esque streets to get away from it when you’ve had enough.

Having Tate Britain on the doorstep is never a bad thing when a chance to while away a couple of hours mooning about over the Pre-Raphaelites presents itself, not to mention returning to the familiar cosiness of my original regular workplace (which has changed in some respects and not others; the temperamental plumbing hasn’t improved but I have a long memory and easily got the measure of it). Also on the cards was my final Hidden London tour of the year and a guided stroll around London’s first skyscraper and TfL headquarters 55 Broadway, complete with tea, biscuits and a fabulous view as well as some very interesting statues, ceilings and staircases for those who like that kind of thing.

Other buildings of note worth a mention would have to include the newly finished-off Scala renovation at Kings Cross (for those that remember Shock Around The Clock, amongst other things), but I didn’t have time to investigate further before train time. All in all, a very pleasant few days and since I enjoyed it so much I will be repeating it in a months time for my post-Christmas trip – yay! The well equipped kitchenette including full size fridge crying out to be packed with leftover turkey, stuffing and pork pie had no bearing on the decision, honest.

Back home and it’s been an unexpectedly busy couple of weeks, all the better for the annual Black Friday shop and hotel-booking extravaganza I’ve had carefully planned for months. All the travel arrangements are sorted until Easter, my broadband is switching as we speak and the glut of smart home audio kit which isn’t already making my floorboards rumble is winging it’s way here courtesy of the Teufel flash sale. Purchase of the week is the final solid oak floor, after months of saving up, planning and general messing about – this will be getting fitted as a matter of some urgency (since I currently have nowhere to put the Christmas tree) which might well affect bookings next week, but nothing’s cast in stone yet and bar my hopefully-not-too-tube-strike-beset run down to Brixton to see the Pixies on Tuesday I’ll be about all week, if potentially a bit angry and sawdusty.

The aforementioned trip does mean that I won’t be around after 12 noon on Tuesday or before 12.30(ish) on Wednesday, but everything else is as normal and I plan to get the Christmas and New Year hours nailed down asap – promise. It’ll be here before we know it, and over with again even faster…

To Song Of The Week, and we have one that most who have actually met me should be familiar with – since the man himself would have been seventy four last Sunday I have spent a fair bit of my downtime working my way through the back catalogue, as well as preparing a suitably varied playlist to test the mettle of the Teufel when it arrives. This will likely be on it.

More soon. Floor update and Christmas hours especially. I’m doing it now!

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