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By amy ~ October 14th, 2008 @ 2:12 pm

I am finally back in the virtual world following 3 days of no broadband – a kind man from BT has visited and discovered that my poor telephone wirings and sockets were very much in need of attention,  and spent almost two hours rearranging them in order that I am finally able to finish both this post, and the task of choosing the select few pictures to grace my new gallery! The last few days has forced me to rely wholly on my PDA, which whilst very efficient, does cause headaches after more than ten minutes of replying to emails on a two and a half inch screen and the repairs couldn’t come quickly enough for me (even though I never use my home telephone, my mobile tariff allowing me enough free minutes per month to facilitate a brain tumour if one was to attempt to use them all).

Also, after much quibbling over backgrounds, outfits which had seemed like a good idea and turned out to be disastrous (and conversely, outfits I had not been keen to utilise which turned out to be favourites) and the most discreet of editing, cropping and retouching, my lovely new pictures are looking likely to be added to the site at some point this week – like myself, my charming photographer is a stickler for doing things properly and I am looking forward to premièring the end results! Again, this would have been sooner were it not for the previously mentioned glitches, but do watch this space – I expect them to be proudly on display by Friday at the latest!

It has been a very busy week what with these plus my ever-increasing enthusiasm for DIY – my lovely new apartment is beginning to take shape somewhat and following a considerable amount of time (and money) spent over the last few weeks I am happy to report that normal service will shortly be resumed. As some of you know, I have been painting the bedroom and whilst my (few) callers have been very gallant and not mentioned anything to me, the appalling fumes created by my indiscriminate use of proper, solvent based eggshell have been decidedly unconducive and not even availing myself all the scented candles I was able to carry from TK Maxx has convinced me that the area will be suitable for entertaining at least until after tomorrow.

I myself have been camping elegantly on the living room floor for the last two nights and look likely to be again tonight following the final coating this afternoon, although I have quite enjoyed watching the big TV until late and being able to get bedtime snacks without having to ascend a staircase. The bedroom itself is coming along very nicely and I look forward to enjoying it with friends old and new – I know there are still some who have not visited my new abode, and whilst it is certainly a work in progress, it is becoming a real labour of love and potentially (dare I say it) a genuine ‘luxury’ apartment, unlike the oft-advertised incall premises I regularly hear about, where ‘luxury’ seems to translate as a very small, tasteful flat in a modern block with a power shower and lots of soft furnishings from IKEA. Thank God that ‘tasteful’ is something I will NEVER be accused of.

Perhaps it is bad form to mention it in light of the current, much trumpeted state of the world economy, but fortunately for me I am as busy as ever, and continue to have to turn away opportunistic callers every day. Nothing I put on the site seems to deter either the gentlemen who believe I am a drop-in centre, nor those who believe that a text message is a suitable and appropriate way to contact a complete stranger, so I’m afraid that the time has come to stop indulging people too lazy to read the information which is right in front of them. For the last time, please do not send me unsolicited text messages, telephone me in the middle of the night or call and withhold your number – the first will be ignored, the second will get you blacklisted and the third will get you….. nowhere.

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