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By amy ~ September 29th, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

A brief shoe-in; next week is now seriously filling up, and as I will be taking down the ads temporarily at the end of Friday I urge anyone interested to get in touch. There are a couple of appointments left on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus one on Monday afternoon – everything else is fully spoken for and whilst I am looking forward to my visit more by the day, I am not a little taken aback at the warmth of the welcome and can promise that my next visit will not only be for longer but for those who have asked, encompassing Guernsey too. Anyways, last minute hopefuls are welcome to ring as ever (and of course cancellations do happen) but honestly, don’t get your hopes up. I’ll be back!

Since my lamb chops will be another few minutes, I will also point to another couple of recent changes on the site which I have previously forgotten to mention; some may have already noticed that I am no longer offering half hour appointments and instead my minimum booking time will be 45 minutes at £100, an agreeable duration which suits many (including me) and has already shown a marked increase in popularity – not least, methinks, because it fits nicely inside one hour and even though still a short appointment, seems to have a Kryptonite-like effect on the people who think the offering of these means I operate according to the same principles as a drop-in centre. A blessed relief indeed, although since the number of half hour meetings I have actually had take place in the last twelve months can be counted on one hand, the only practical difference will be that hopefully I will not be wasting more of my or anyone else’s time on pointless phone calls, and those desiring a quickie should not have any trouble finding one.

And finally whilst we’re here, a charming article I saw the other day from Michael Bywater in the Independent, for all those who have ever contacted me worrying about their (to them at least) advancing age. Believe it or not, I have heard this from gentlemen between the ages of forty one up to seventy five; the two octogenarians I have met on several occasions never bothered and, I am guessing, decided that if you’ve successfully made to eighty plus and are still keen for a nice roll in the hay with a lovely lady you deserve to have a good time, and quite right too! A fitting redressing of the balance, and moreover, a delightful antidote to the shrill and tiresome Z-list-Dorothy-Parker-with-Tourettes bleatings of Kathy Lette et al. Enjoy.

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