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By amy ~ November 8th, 2013 @ 8:28 pm

Dublin City-20131108-02051Well I started one ten days or so ago and then got waylaid by this and that and before we knew it it was time to pack up and find the passport and spare euros (plus dig out a coat to take for the first time in a good few months) before heading off to Ireland for the first time since June’s marathon trip and now it’s nearly time to head for home again. Phew.

Naturally, writing blogs was about the furthest thing on my mind when wrangling the good punters of the Rebel County down in Cork, then before I knew it Limerick (complete with the Loudest Roadworks In Ireland) beckoned, before Portlaoise last night (Port-Leash, for those who missed the vowel-lesson last time) a spectacularly charmless but extremely well located pitstop midway up the N7 and now a regular stopping off point if only for the biscuits. I am currently having a brief but very necessary Cup A Soup break at my final stop before home, and arrived at Dublin Airport at lunchtime by way of a brief wander round the city centre (and on exceptionally cheerful form too after being mistaken for a student by the bus driver and only charged eight euros, although worrying about the state of the man’s eyesight marred the journey somewhat and my seat belt stayed very firmly fastened).irelandNovDespite the best efforts from the usual numpties (today’s award going to the genius claiming he was standing in ‘the hotel’, knew which room I was in and would report me immediately to reception unless I agreed to see him for 50€, a threat which may have held a touch more water had I not still been twenty minutes away and had no idea of what room I was in myself), and not to mention the delightful Limerick gentleman who decided to help himself to my favourite (and irreplaceable) pair of knickers before he left (to all those who liked the pretty black lace set I have with the little peach flowers, so did I – shame we won’t be seeing it again) I have, as ever, had a grand time and am looking forward to returning.

It’ll be soon too, and I will be right back here barely four weeks from now in the decidedly posh Dublin 4 before heading up to Belfast for a bit of a pre-Christmas jolly – the first visit since May and I can’t believe I left it so long. And speaking of Christmas, the usual dedicated December page is getting it’s annual dusting off ready to take it’s place; dates, details and destinations are all organised and it will be up shortly – yay! Not being one to rest on my laurels, London is filling up fast for the coming week (and anybody wishing to book on Thursday especially needs to think about getting their skates on), but again, I’ll be back for the usual festive week from December 15th – 21st so no panic. And due to Other Stuff another trip to York is on the cards too, although only a quick one.

In the meantime, the new John Lewis Christmas ad is here! Since I bawled like a baby every single time I saw That One Last Year With The Snowman, I have this year decided to build resistance by desensitising myself, although it’s not working quite yet.

Awwwwwwww. One final booking and then room service pizza and ice cream beckons before doing the Ryanair dash in the morning, although since I have carefully engineered my route home to include a visit to a KFC I can live with it. Scarborough incalls this week will be limited to a couple each on Monday and Tuesday only because I’m knackered and have lots of packing and laundry to do due to prior commitments (like spoiling the fishes, homemade Chelsea buns and my new special edition DVD of Trading Places).

More soon, promise. It’s been too long…

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