we do like to be beside the seaside(s)…

By amy ~ January 22nd, 2014 @ 11:57 am

41st birthday buttonThree different seasides in a week to be precise, and here I am just home from sunny (really!) Southend in time for my birthday – woohoo! Not just mine but that of Lord Byron (b.1788), Francis Bacon (b.1561) and also John Hurt (b.1940), whom along with Huey Morgan and my favourite of all Robert de Niro, I could happily listen to reading from the dictionary, although I must admit I’d draw the line at the Daily Express.

2014’s first proper dose of dashing about began with Liverpool Airport, where for the good of patient and polite passengers everywhere I told a very rude man to fuck off in the cafe which was enormous fun, especially when he did (I am neither patient nor polite, especially in the presence of queue jumpers), continued with the predictable and thoroughly enjoyable barminess of three nights in the Isle of Man (which was so maniacally busy I can only assume that punters have been seriously deprived over the New Year) and continued apace down on the Essex coast after an ill-advised sprint from London Bridge to Fenchurch Street avec suitcase in the rain (I should have got on the Jubilee Line and jumped trains at West Ham, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and at least I knew better on the way back). One day before too long I will return to Essex, and not just to watch dodgy horror films…

I also got to see American Hustle (highly recommended, and watch out for the cameo) at Douglas’s teeny cinema down on the promenade, eat a KFC, a McDonalds (I know, but I couldn’t find Burger King) plus two family bags of Maltesers in under 24 hours and catch some fab films courtesy of the Horror on Sea folk; Glasgow Frightfest is the next festival up shortly after I return from Jamaica next month (which in turn follows shortly after New York – it’s a busy few weeks) and whilst there won’t be appointments – lack of free time, as much as anything else – I will be making a punter-stop in Edinburgh for a couple of days on the way back for anybody who wants to catch up! I haven’t been back for ages although forty one years ago today that’s exactly where I was, coincidentally enough.

Nothing doing today, obviously (save a big lunch and a proper food shop as I’ve done neither since getting back) and availability for the remainder of the week is patchy, but I will be at home throughout next week before I set off for NYC – the next Scarborough incalls after this are likely to be at least a month away so it might be worth local folk getting organised, especially since the apartment (or more specifically, the electrics) has found another way to divest me of a good chunk of my free time on the occasions I’m back, and my cash, just in case I had any left burning a hole in my pocket after the tax bill.

Proper update soon! Birthday time.jan14

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  1. david

    You’re fascinating
    A true enchantress


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