a grand day out…

By amy ~ May 31st, 2014 @ 10:49 pm


Last post of the month, and the last day before something of a manic few weeks begin – yay!

Packing is almost finished, fridge is organised, fishes are shipshape and gleaming and my train to Birmingham awaits first thing; a change of scene never hurts and as I haven’t set foot in the place since 2010, a return is long overdue if only for a thorough look at Selfridges and a balti.

Sorting the fridge has been even more of a task than is usual following the Big Day Out last Saturday to Malton’s Food Lover’s Festival, where far too much real ale (and even real-er cider) was taken aboard and far, far too much lovely cheese purchased and lugged home alongside water buffalo burgers (from near Barnsley, obviously), fresh curry paste, assorted bits of cake, pork pie and (best of all) half a brownie that I started and then forgot about when a rare-breed-pork sausage sandwich van hoved into view on the horizon. At least that’s what was in the bags when I unpacked them, which the previously mentioned farmhouse hooch probably goes some way towards explaining. I blame the (comically diabolical) weather.

In other news, having happily succumbed to the value-packed you’ve given us hundreds of pounds, so why not come straight back again in a few weeks and get the same thing as you’ve just had for two-thirds of the hundreds? guest offer, I will be heading for Champney’s again shortly following my return and will be officially off duty, bathing in tranquility and completely work-phone free from Friday 6th until Monday 9th, in good time for the Isle of Man post-TT shenanigans to follow – woohoo! The important thing is that I know I’m gullible.

A brief update then; the building work (as those who have seen the state of the place will testify) is forging ahead, or at least progressing at a rate to be expected for people being paid by the day, and coupled with the approaching World Cup incalls will remain extremely limited – as most people are aware, the winding up of my current Scarborough modus continues and whilst new incall arrangements are to be made, nothing is cast in stone as yet and nor will it be for a good couple of months. Having put up and shut up through a couple of less-than-desirable (but annoying rather than actively unpleasant) situations even in just the last ten days, the cut off for here at least will be sooner rather than later, but it should all be very exciting. Plus same day bookings and newbies will get a look in for the first time in months/years, so everyone’s a winner!

New pictures are also pending once the sun comes back out for more than twenty minutes, but now the early stretch of bank and school holidays is over and done with it can’t be too far away…

More soon!

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