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By amy ~ February 3rd, 2016 @ 9:07 am

scarborough escorts

And we’re already into February! No real sign of winter yet, although you would never have known this from the temperature within the hotel room last week on my first of many at least two outcalls in 2016 which could have hosted a Bikram yoga class without any extra heating being required. After a similar hotel-room-oven situation on my Victoria trip after Christmas, it does make me wonder whether the hotel staff responsible for on-site temperature control ever actually step outdoors.

That was then though, and Waterloo is now! Or at least well on it’s way; I will be arriving shortly and whilst I only have a couple of hours spare this afternoon thanks to my ticket for the 70mm behemoth that is the Hateful Eight Roadshow at the Odeon West End, I will be up with the lark on Thursday and Friday to keep company in my South Bank digs before scarpering home on Saturday morning to crack on with the jobs; availability will be limited from half term week onwards until the end of the month, although with a bit of warning most of the usual times should be OK. Proper DIY will get going at the flat in March and at least a week off will be forthcoming, but there’ll be plenty of warning given (and plenty of pickled onion Monster Munch bought in preparation for the enforced downtime).

Future planning has been the order of the day as the nights start getting a bit lighter and more twelve week advance rail tickets for springtime pop up each week; after not only managing to rebook my hotel for fifty quid less on and snagging a ticket to see Monet’s waterlilies at the Royal Academy on my next London trip a month or so from now whilst en route to Manhattan, I found myself on something of a roll and in the name of having more things to look forward to, train, hotel and festival pass for Dead By Dawn in Edinburgh (my favourite trip of the year by far and winner of my Best Festival Programme award every year despite facing some stiff competition from Celluloid Screams last time around) are now organised. There may be the odd available punter-slot, or there may not. All in good time.


As noted above New York is creeping up fast too, and whilst it’s a little soon to be worrying about ads and times and days, it’s never the wrong time to look at pictures of it and having accidentally found this award-winning image by one Sergey Semonov (who spends his time taking pictures from helicopters and stitching them together, which sounds just fine to me) I was engrossed for a good while picking out buildings and bits of Central Park – click on it and have a look! More of the same can be seen on AirPano – yet another site that now owes me a few hours of my life – here. Proper attention will be paid to the weather forecast before setting off, although as previous March trips have ranged from balmy to Siberian (and sometimes both in the same twenty four period) it’s as well to just assume some clothes shopping will be needed at some point, even if it’s just for mittens. Or sunglasses.

Before all that, I’ll be back in Scarborough next week – woohoo! More soon.

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2 Responses to back in that london 2016!

  1. KimberlyC

    I *still* haven’t been to see Hateful Eight. Roxy wanted to the other day but I blew her off to sit in my flat in my underwear willing the phone to ring. Clearly my priorities need adjusting.

  2. amy

    You probably won’t get to see the H8 Roadshow unless you fancy a quick tour to Edinburgh, but if you do it’s well worth it – there’s even an intermission (which is just as well, since three hours in a cinema seat in one go is punishing stuff).

    If you do, I might even come with.


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