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By amy ~ February 17th, 2016 @ 2:25 pm


And it’s peace and quiet all the way here some two weeks after a hugely fun few days encompassing everything I like about a London visit – the highlight being a cinema trip complete with fish and chips in Leicester Square, normally my mainstay in August between FrightFest films but the very un-wintry temperature made it no less comfortable than usual. Plus it did not rain which it always does at FrightFest, inevitably on the day I decide to leave my coat and boots at the hotel and attend in my slippers.

To anyone who hasn’t seen it I can enthusiastically recommend the varmint-tastic Hateful Eight and those in the vicinity of Edinburgh especially, since the only proper 70mm print in the land – all 90kg of it – has winged it’s way to Filmhouse and will be there until the end of this month! For everybody else, digital is certainly (OK, probably) better than nothing. Either way, I’d recommend that anyone who (like me) enjoys fully immersing themselves takes a woolly; having shivered through the full three hours thanks to the constant sound of howling winds and on-screen snowstorms, I do believe I was warmer outside on the wall with the chips.

A dawn departure on the Grand Central train for a change (the ones with the huge seats that don’t go to Scotland) and a massive Sainsbury’s shop later (a little at odds with the traditional pre-Lent clearout, although Pancake Day was observed as always to make up for it) here we are at the annual guaranteed Quiet Week that is the February half term. The winter temperatures are finally starting to kick in and a few days of putting my feet up beckon; the phone at this time of year is replete with endless numpties who aren’t back at school until Monday and as such – whilst it’s not an official week off – I’m also not currently up with the lark and hurtling down to the office first thing in the morning as is my regular habit, and instead the DIY jobs at home are taking priority. I don’t need to be physically present at my flat to answer dumb questions from people who neither know nor care who I am, what’s on offer or how much it costs – I can do that anywhere and since they’re never going to be physically present at my flat either my location is pretty redundant. Ovaltine, pyjamas and Netflix will do me fine until everybody comes back from holidays or failing that, until somebody who can at least get my name right pops their head above the parapet. Bless ’em.

The New York page is back – woohoo! It’s only three and a bit weeks until I’ll be setting off and this means (as is customary), the requirement to write a cringe-inducing advertising post on The Erotic Review’s New York advertising board is looming – given that simpering, touting and otherwise waving my knickers about on punting boards is anathema to me I think it’s the only part of the whole process I dread, far harder than the throw-some-money-at-it-and-walk-away of the Eros ad and certainly the only part I have absolutely no aptitude for whatsoever, but needs must. It’s possibly the only time I’m ever grateful for Adultwork and it’s nice simple tick-boxes.

As for the time being, it’s the cosy life for me! For anybody who might be interested, my response to the Home Affairs Committee’s Prostitution Inquiry was finally completed and sent on Monday; the deadline is tomorrow for anybody who had planned to but hasn’t got one in yet and I’ll publish links here as soon as all the responses are up.

More soon! Back to the decorating.

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