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By amy ~ April 21st, 2016 @ 12:02 pm


To Edinburgh that is, and in just shy of an hours’ time – woohoo!

Since I missed Glasgow FrightFest earlier this year, Dead By Dawn is my first festival of 2016 as well as my enduring favourite, not least because I get to stay in my favourite budget pod-cave, eat chips every day if I want to (always with salt and sauce and sometimes with white pudding) and potter around the Filmhouse lobby shop looking at DVDs; I’m not even sure anywhere in Scarborough bar the supermarkets still sells new DVDs, and definitely not the Tartan Asia Collector’s Editions, plus they have postcards! Oh, and consistently the best film programme of the lot.

All this means that my work phone will categorically not be on until Monday lunchtime; anybody peering in from London, please email! Or by all means text, provided you don’t mind that it may well be a few hours or the next day before I can reply – DBD is a phone free zone for anybody who doesn’t want chucked out and their pass confiscated, and rightly so. Manchester’s Grimmfest (where sitting anywhere other than the front row is like fucking Diwali right up to the point until a foreign language film comes on, all the people with one eye on the screen and the other on Twatter realise they need to read the subtitles and put them away for ninety minutes, and incredibly nobody asks them to stop) could learn a thing or two.

A longish train ride straight to a couple of days in Waterloo is next; it’s a flying visit, but plenty of fun will be had and a proper trip follows in June after I managed to snag three Hidden London tickets in yesterdays presale – yay! There should be some left, but after the meltdown on the London Transport Museum site at the start, possibly not many and the general sale started yesterday morning. Who knew so many people would want to pay handsomely to get to creep around abandoned Tube tunnels in the dark? I get to see the disused bits of Euston tube station (and wear a hi-vis and hard hat), Down Street in Mayfair and also a whizz around London’s first skyscraper 55 Broadway, an obscenity in it’s day and where one of my best pals once got the sack from London Underground. Happy days.

Just a quick update then – back in Scarborough next week, possibly Thursday but definitely Friday. Londoners – will see you soon!

Carnage first. And that’s just getting down the Lothian Road on a weekend night.

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