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By amy ~ April 28th, 2019 @ 4:22 pm

Hello! And as the final stretch of a definitely fun but extremely tiring month approaches I’m attempting some quiet downtime at home before sprinting off to London (again) in roughly 25 hours – this consisting of a bit of a girly fuss (face mask, pedicure, Crest whitestrips) some serious bingewatching of my favourite Sex And The City boxset (yes, judge away) on Prime, crinkle cut chips and gravy with sweet tea and not getting dressed at all since yesterday evening. Bliss.

Edinburgh is still one of my favourite places and certainly not because I was fortunate enough to be born there many years ago, but one thing it isn’t generally renowned for is it’s tropical climate; the surprise heatwave last weekend meant a trip out for emergency flipflops and a T-shirt dress, and allowed the usual between-film plastic sandwich deal/Irn Bru from the Sainsbury’s Local around the corner to take on a far more pleasant and civilised air with the very pretty Rutland Square a couple of minutes’ away, where I whiled away a good few breaks on the grass instead of squashed into a corner of the Filmhouse lobby amongst the sale DVDs.

Unfortunately for anybody visiting in the couple of days before hometime it also meant a hotel room temperature that would rival a sauna – the traditional kind, not the Edinburgh kind. Huge apologies to anybody who hadn’t planned on having to spend their expensive paid time in a nicely furnished oven, but be thankful you didn’t have to try and sleep in it – had I known, I would have gone full aircon elsewhere but it all turned out OK in the end. I realise I said exactly the same thing this time last year but I’m definitely planning to return, hopefully for long enough to catch all the people I missed and I definitely won’t leave it a full twelve months.

A few days’ stay in a lovely apartment also (finally) afforded the opportunity for some new pictures – woohoo! The time constraints this week have so far stuck a spanner in the works when it came to getting the editing done and actually putting them where anybody can look at them, but they’re on their way and whilst my hair appointment will make them redundant to some degree, the rest of me will be staying very much the same for better or worse. I should have the rest in the gallery by this time next week, but in the meantime here’s one to be going on with ^^^^^. There are more to come, but needs must and it can wait until I get back; the suitcase won’t pack itself.

After six nights, lots of films (and a fair bit of cosy in-film sleeping, including the night I inexplicably decided to catch the late showing of Us at the Vue and wound up completely missing the last twenty minutes), a big dinner in the nice Wagamama on St Andrew’s Square and some moderately energetic in-room entertaining later it was back on the train for home to tip out the suitcase, do laundry, refill everything else and stick it all back in again for this week; I will be back in Aldgate East from Tuesday evening followed by a quick dash up to Euston for the day on Thursday before my train goes and it’s hometime again – yay! From then on it’s Scarborough for a full three and a half weeks and some serious DIY catching up will be on the cards, not least because I’m well aware the flat is still looking far from it’s best and frankly the chaos is getting on my nerves.

We’re also long overdue a Song Of The Week, and whilst it was extremely tempting to stick in something musical from the Dead By Dawn programme (Arturo for example, which anybody who’s ever had one of those nights out will have no trouble getting on board with), the sun is still shining and the summer feeling is well worth wringing the life out of while it lasts. Plus I woke up to Les Fleurs at the tail end of Us and realised I hadn’t heard it in years, so it’s about time.

So, London next stop; back in Scarborough in time for the Bank Holiday weekend and not forgetting the Tour De Yorkshire later in the week, which is probably worth bearing in mind for anybody planning a visit. Not to me obviously, since I’ll be out watching the cycling.

More soon…

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