one more week till halloween…

By amy ~ October 24th, 2019 @ 3:58 pm

And it’s almost time to start packing again after six days spent buggering about between cinemas turned out to be more tiring than I’d anticipated, and this plus a delayed train on the way home made for an unproductive few days, to say the least. Next year I may revert to last years’ modus and just hole up in my favourite budget pod for a few days while the films are on – I can always move over to hotel civilisation afterwards.

I can enthusiastically recommend Armando Ianucci’s Personal History Of David Copperfield (which really should have been in cinemas in time for Christmas but actually is on the 9th of January, I think) to anyone; a little more niche but still a lot of fun would be Color Out Of Space with Nicolas Cage, and I have an honourable mention for Greed with Steve Coogan not playing Philip Green. This was a proper Leicester Square headline gala with crowds and flashbulbs aplenty, and my slightly panicked scuttle up the red carpet outside the Odeon was almost thwarted by first David Mitchell, and then Steve Coogan himself (or at least his security/hangers on), neither of whom I spotted immediately because my eyesight is crap and I just wanted to get inside.

Having done so I can now say that whilst I still wouldn’t pay forty quid for a ticket, the Odeon Luxe is very nice indeed although I still prefer the Prince Charles; the Christmas programme at the latter is now available here, for anybody else who can’t imagine getting through December without a visit. As for Robert De Niro, I may have missed him but I did see his car around the back while I was heading to the BFI for my next film – it was mobbed and I was hungry so the story ends there, unless anybody really wants to know what I ordered and ate at Ned’s Noodle Bar (I definitely would, to be fair).

Back at HQ and the decorating is almost finished (for now), the just-in-case pre Brexit stockpiling (and see picture!) is pretty much sorted, the evenings are getting darker and Autumn is in full swing as is the half term school holiday, amply demonstrated by the text example in the picture. How some people get through the day without being punched senseless baffles me sometimes and that isn’t even the crappest text of the week – that was only the one I remembered not to immediately delete. I will be in situ until next Tuesday before a quick whizz up to Edinburgh for a catch up, not least with some of the lovely folk I met back in April after Dead By Dawn (and hopefully some of those who missed me in the one day I set aside for bookings – not very sociable, I know).

I’ll be staying a bit longer this time and – fingers crossed – finding some Halloweeny things to occupy the downtime since I’ll be in town for the duration, appropriate considering it’s (and my) Celtic origins at least in the former’s Samhain days, which were slightly before my time, admittedly. I’m also planning a trip to Deciem, having just found out that my favourite skincare shop ever has just opened a branch there – yay! Waterloo follows on ten days or so later, and we’ll be getting well into the Christmas run-up after that – I will be getting on with the Christmas page in a couple of weeks and as promised, a new Christmas picture will be included for the first time since *cough* 2010…

Song Of The Week celebrates both Halloween and Christmas, and whilst I’m still deciding whether to attend the Prince Charles Cinema’s annual Christmas Pyjama Party before I come back from London that weekend, their dropping of Scrooged to replace it with Nightmare Before Christmas MAY just swing things. I’ll be needing some new pyjamas (or any pyjamas that don’t have mango chutney all over them, but that’s a story for another day).

More soon! Since it’s barely 4pm and already getting dark I’m off to get some practise in for the extra hour in bed this weekend. Mustn’t get rusty.

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