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By amy ~ February 10th, 2020 @ 12:08 am

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Here in my shiny new stomping ground just a hop, skip and jump from the Monument that is, after a relatively painless (or as near to painless as a 5am start can be, not that most of the people walking around in the street outside here will be any stranger to one) shift the couple of hundred miles South last Thursday. And it’s even Oscar night tonight, which generally ends – for me at least – around 5am, so that’s something of a coincidence! Circle of life, and all that.

Fortunately there’s a Black Sheep coffee shop five minutes away which given that my first day at work technically begins in around nine hours’ time, I suspect I’m going to be needing. I will not be thwarted by time zones, and my phone will be on from ten am or thereabouts – having something to do other than unpack kitchen sundries, flatten cardboard boxes and run back and forth from Argos will be a treat all on it’s own, since even the London Winter Run (which was to be something of a highlight, as always) was cancelled thanks to the weather forecast. I know some things can’t be helped or predicted, but I can only think that the organisers have never been running on Marine Drive.

Housekeeping-wise I’m working on the updates but for now my availability here will be pretty much as before – I’m very much an office hours type and those Londoners who have availed themselves already will know I’m more than happy to start at daybreak, but I need to know the evening before; just because you have to get up at five in the morning doesn’t mean that I do (apart from the previously-mentioned day last week, I know) and otherwise I won’t be looking at my phone or anything else bar the insides of my eyelids before 8am. I can confidently guarantee you wouldn’t want to be looking at me before then, either…

As for Scarborough folk, I will be back in town and packing up bits and bobs on Saturday afternoon – it’ll be a whistlestop visit and I will be heading back soon after to hit the ground running Monday morning, but I’ll be back for longer the weekend after – promise! There’s still plenty to be getting on with (although if the weather here earlier was setting any sort of precedent for upcoming weekends I wouldn’t have been going far).

A quick one then, and whilst it’s a long night that lies ahead, I’ll endeavour to get a grip in good time to welcome some visitors – yay! Wish me luck; Song Of The Week and accompanying video ought to help, especially since as far as I can tell I’m relatively soundproof. I also really need to count how many times Run DMC have occupied this spot, not that there could ever be too many.

More soon…

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