spring has (nearly) sprung!

By amy ~ February 28th, 2021 @ 8:56 pm

And for those who weren’t sure – which is entirely my fault for not updating – I’m back!

Since I brought the aforementioned ice and snow with me upon my return three weeks or so ago and having spent a good couple of months putting it off, I have been diligently catching up with this years’ accounts, normally an easy but tedious job much like putting the washing away or cleaning the grill (also similar in that if I had spent as much time just cracking on as I did kvetching about the minutiae, it would all be finished and I would be back in my rightful place under the duvet with a box of custard tarts and the remote) and if anything simpler still this year given that there wasn’t an awful lot to record for longer than even I’d realised.

Thankfully the worst of the admin was done just as the weather turned and without wanting to jinx it, I was thrilled beyond measure to see the snowdrops outside the Walkie Talkie on my way to M&S as a first tentative sign of spring (as opposed to the more robust signs of winter a couple of weeks prior), but I don’t get out much. Although last Wednesday marked the second (and more concrete) sign of the coming season in that I went out without a coat on for the first time in what must be months. Only the once mind, and I had a scarf, a hat and some mittens just in case.

This last week especially has been gloriously bright and mood-lifting as can (hopefully) be seen in the pictures – newly inspired, I have decided to set a half day aside soon to enjoy a bit more open space and greenness. Most likely will be a walk over to St James’s Park; an enduring favourite of mine for a good few years now (especially since I can combine the trip with a razz around the big Sainsbury’s market on Wilton Road whilst I’m over that way – the excitement may be too much) for some lakeside strolling about and pelican spotting. Cherry blossom is also on the way, so my postponed-from-last-year jolly over to the Kyoto Garden will soon be in the offing for a bit of sakura-style zen time and maybe a feed of the fish, assuming I can remember to bring along something suitable mine like banana.

The other news that I have been waiting for is the reopening of hairdressers (in April, I think), and whilst I’ve undoubtedly saved a fortune even allowing for a couple of huge and shamelessly profligate CultBeauty.co.uk orders, it’s high time somebody else took over. Whilst the optimist in me hopes I’m managing to blag any occasion involving going out in public with the covetable air of one who only has to wake up, shake their hair out and dress in whatever was on the floor from last night to appear effortlessly insouciant and stylish, unfortunately after all the Christmas food and now three (soon to be four) missed hair appointments I just look like Chewbacca would if he ate at Burger King every day for a month and slept in a skip throughout. Not to worry!

So after all that, it’s business as usual (or what has come to be usual, at least) here in my quiet corner of the city; as most will realise this means less availability than would be ideal, but getting requests in in good time ought to sort it so I’m actually in the flat. If the weather holds over the next couple of weeks then as suggested above I likely won’t be, so do try to give me some warning!

For Song Of The Week we’re going upbeat and stomping round the kitchen in celebration of the news that filming has started on Series Three of The Boys – yay! We’ll likely have to wait to see it for at least another year, but it’s a step in the right direction – anything fun to look forward to will do for me. And who doesn’t like peaches?

More soon! It’s going to be a good week…

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2 Responses to spring has (nearly) sprung!

  1. Bob

    How’s life in the City? Any news on the new pictures?

  2. amy

    Life is busy, although I’m still trying to get a blog done (and have been for weeks). New pictures should be next week now, so fingers crossed!


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