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By amy ~ January 1st, 2014 @ 3:50 pm

happynewyearHappy New Year! And back to the real world it is…

I have spent most of the week pottering gently around the apartment, managing amongst other things to break a previous personal best of not getting dressed for four days – yay! Similar important achievements have included having the television on before noon daily for a week (averaging four films a day plus Father Ted repeats; today’s selection being Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Uncle Buck, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and that last Harry Potter one if I’m still awake) and getting through so much bubble and squeak it eventually became necessary to admit defeat and get the potato peeler out again.

Last night was spent with a plate of lovely seafood and a garlic baguette, the latter (along with pickled onions) being one of those foods generally verboten to often-snogging folk for reasons of common courtesy towards one’s snoggees, and which as a result occupy a near-mystical status normally reserved for the sort of mega-luxe goods that cause even the shoppers at Borough Market to do a sharp intake of breath. And joy of all joys, all seven hours of Godfather and Godfather 2 on Film4, which I enjoyed so much I flicked to the +1 channel to watch the last hour of again over some £37 Christmas cake and a Horlicks before complaining bitterly about the time and heading off to bed around five am. Maybe they’ll show it again next year!jan1stblogAs anybody who can remember this week from the last couple of years (tearing back from London, three or four days off and then en route to the airport in the freezing cold and with a tupperware of turkey in the suitcase) will suspect, it’s been a marked improvement to say the least and I make no apology whatsoever – I have had a lovely break and am now back and fighting fit (although not quite at fighting weight, mostly thanks to a surfeit of eating much and doing very, very little). Thankfully, there’s lots of adventures afoot in the next few weeks and with London, Dublin, New York and Edinburgh on the horizon in punting-land as well as horror festival fun in Southend and Glasgow plus a whole week of Jamaican sunshine and jerk chicken to keep me busy next month, it’s a hard life, right enough (or at least a fairly tiring one, especially for somebody now only twenty one days from turning the ripe old age of forty one) With London next week and then my first trip in far too long to my favourite of all large rocks, the Isle of Man right behind it, sitting about complaining about the rain/cold/near darkness at 2pm is not going to be on the cards for long and I can’t wait to be back!

Speaking of darkness, I can also report that some new pictures are on their way! A handful may well be up (if only on Adultwork) by later today; the challenge of taking anything remotely usable – or even just identifiably me – in a Scarborough apartment in December is a tough one, but the graininess (from cranking Fill Light as far as it will go in order to redress the balance) aside it’s nice to have an update; not included amongst these is the very first picture from 2014 (above), and I promise I will not be wearing a doorag in any of the proper ones. Or standing in front of a toilet.

Some will also (hopefully) be taken over the weekend, and added to the site as soon as I can find the uploading-thing – in fact here’s one now! You can never have too many boobies on New Year’s Day.DSC_0005More to follow soon! Scarborough availability is very limited this week, but I’ll be about until Wednesday 8th for anybody wanting to come and join in.

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