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By amy ~ February 29th, 2008 @ 6:48 am

Hello and welcome to all my friends old and new!  Whichever way you have discovered me and my website; whether or not we are already acquainted (you know who you are!) or whether we haven’t yet had the pleasure (hopefully soon?), I am flattered that you have the time and the inclination to read my off-duty ramblings and I hope to make them as enjoyable and interesting as the time you may spend with me in person (admittedly, that’s pushing it a bit).

Things I have done today: met with my financial advisor to discuss my pension plan and investment prospects now that I am a full-time scarlet woman! It’s funny how peoples attitudes can change when they realise we don’t all do this because we are desperate for money; up to our eyes in debt from such unattractive habits as drug addiction, gambling and buying cheap clothes from the type of 2 inch thick mail-order catalogues that the postman has to leave on the doorstep. Some of us (including, or perhaps especially me) genuinely enjoy our work and welcome the opportunity to earn a decent living at a more honest job than most! There are not many people who are fortuitous enough to turn their favourite hobby into their occupation and mostly they have to work far longer hours than I do (although they do get to eat garlic bread and curry whenever they like).

Anyway, thankfully the lovely Charlie at my bank realises that people who sell financial products are in no position to take the moral high ground with anyone at all who still has their freedom, and has efficiently and graciously sorted me out with lots of information on how I can hopefully sock enough away for the day that I decide to give up, retire to Paris and live out my life as a feisty old tart eating far too much cake, swearing loudly in public and dancing in parks (music optional). Speaking of Paris – those of you who have been paying attention (see my AW profile also) will know that I will be in my favourite city from March 10th – 15th, ostensibly for my regular holiday but I’m open to offers from any of you gentlemen who may be in the area and at a loose end – priority will be given to anyone staying in the Four Seasons George V, whose ground floor ladies room is actually nicer than my house.

Today I am also preparing to meet a new friend in my nearest city (York) for a late night appointment – cue mad rush to find a guest house to stay in. The taxi fare home at £55 versus the b&b at £35 is a no-brainer, but it really is about time I learnt to drive! Definitely one for the to-do list (but not before ‘tidy up living room before parents visit on Mothers Day/Sunday’ – it’s getting too much like Hooker HQ in here. The coffee table alone is currently home to handcuffs (2 sets, metal), lube, a pvc suspender belt and my nice new vibrating butt plug which I haven’t had the nerve to try out on anyone yet! Yep, time for some housework……

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