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By amy ~ May 22nd, 2008 @ 1:46 pm

Well, what a week! I have been in the unusual position of not only being kept extremely busy every single day (and thus gainfully employed and away from my other current pastime of estate agent-baiting) but also that almost everyone kind enough to express an interest in sharing my time has been new to me – always exciting but tiring to remember so much new information, from how my gentleman may take his tea to the far more interesting and exciting details which thankfully make up the greater part of my dealings! I have enjoyed myself very much and look forward to seeing some of my new friends again – the sunny weather certainly does seem to be putting a spring in everyones step, including mine!

To round off the week I am travelling again to London tomorrow for an evening assignation in a very nice part of town and am thoroughly looking forward to relaxing on the journey; having learnt my lesson a couple of months ago as you may remember, I have not only dusted off my Thermos but very industriously been shopping and purchased the wherewithal to make two different kinds of sandwiches, low fat crisps (avoiding cheese and onion) and a packet of Jaffa cakes for the bus. I was delighted to discover that the wonderful National Express coach service travels from Leeds to London for £9 each way; these tickets are called ‘funfares’ and I will certainly be taking advantage – as some of you will know, the season for railway signal malfunctions is well and truly upon us (timed as ever to gradually and seamlessly replace the season of constant engineering works.) It’s only a flying visit and it’s just as well really – the last vestiges of my cold/hayfever are still lurking in the background and the city air plays havoc with my contact lenses (I’m fortunate enough that many of my gentleman friends are kind enough to not mind and in fact express a liking for my bespectacled appearance but resembling Joe 90 isn’t really ideal when one’s aim is to appear sultry and sophisticated!)

The apartment-buying process rolls on – more in the next episode (mainly because nothing much has happened from my point of view, although I can definitely hear more fees being generated somewhere in the distance.) As soon as I get a moving schedule (and therefore know my available and not-available days – God please let it be days and not weeks!) you will be the first to know and there may even be a small discount for anyone who would like to offer assistance (or who just doesn’t mind me greeting them slightly less poised than usual and possibly a bit dusty.) Watch this space for details!

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