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By amy ~ August 31st, 2009 @ 3:46 pm

bebe-0211Well, thanks in no small part to my very pleasant few days in Nottingham last week I have returned with a real spring in my step and subsequently had lots of enthusiastic fun over the Bank Holiday, although one unfortunate gentleman had his plans – and thus mine – scuppered by the gridlocked traffic to the coast yesterday, and even a carefully formulated plan to return later in the day was eventually thwarted; if he is reading this then  please don’t worry, there’s always a next time!

The last Bank Holiday before Christmas is drawing to a close, the school holidays will soon be at an end and normal service can be resumed, not only for me but for anyone who requires the A64 to function as a thoroughfare rather than a parking facility. And thank God for that – on a flying visit to Leeds ten days or so ago, I had half expected that I would disembark the train to the sort of post apocalyptic big-city-as-ghost-town vision beloved of film makers wishing to portray the aftermath of, well, insert preferred catastrophic event here (I like zombies).

I myself am particularly full of beans, having spent a pleasant morning in the company of a charming gentleman caller, and the afternoon being the very model of ruthless efficiency – handwashing done, preparations for London visit organised and the monthly ‘prossie shop’ completed (the inventorying and restocking of supplies, which always involves an enjoyable and satisfying trip to Wilkinsons for wet-wipes, shower gel, mouthwash, tealights and laundry wherewithals). Today, I was astounded to see Caramac bars for sale, and was thus (briefly) in possession of one for the first time in probably twenty years – who knew you could still get these? I look forward to next time, and am already fantasising about the possibilities; the return of the Rowntree’s Nutty bar, for example, would be enough to reduce me to a teary, quivering heap (and no doubt please my dentist almost as much).

Accounts next – as many of you know I am often lackadaisical about keeping these up to date, but have been trying very hard indeed; let’s face it, there is no better way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday afternoon than itemising receipts for train tickets, plastic sandwiches and the sort of takeaway coffee whose flavour and composition is more suggestive of the earth in which the beans were grown rather than any by-product resultant of their processing. Next time I have resolved to take my flask.

As this weeks’ title implies, my incall availability for the next few weeks will be patchy – I am visiting London from Sunday to Thursday next week and then my aforementioned health spa holiday (complete, apparently, with horse-riding, Bollywood dance classes and microdermabrasion) follows from Sunday 13th onwards. The following weekend finally sees the remodelling of my bathroom get underway, and whilst this will not affect evening appointments (provided callers can cope with a little more dust and mess than usual), I do not hold out much hope for daytime incalls until the following weekend at the earliest; this being the 26th-27th September, and I travel to Edinburgh on the 30th for 4 days. I do promise to calm down after that, and look forward to warm and languorous afternoons spent inhabiting this very apartment, perhaps with Horlicks and some toast and marmalade on the go.

It is hard to believe it is now over a year since I moved – how wonderful it would be to know where the time goes! (I suspect all my mini suitcase-padlock keys, old mobile chargers and assorted hairgrips are residing happily there with it). All offers of help are still being gratefully received, and anyone who can do something useful is still welcome to email me with helpful suggestions. For the time being though, it’s a catch-up week and next stop London!

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