they say it’s your birthday…

By amy ~ January 24th, 2010 @ 6:48 pm

2455253308_4a0efdacbfKeen-eyed and regular readers will have noticed the slight changes to my site and various online ‘profiles’; that is to say, it is that time of year again! I am another year older, and thanks to the combined efforts of the online sales and the migraine-inducing tax bill I paid earlier in the week, deeper in debt (although fortunately my bank is kindly, and my free overdraft facility is stoically taking the strain).

Upon reaching the ripe old age of 37, I have pondered whether this is enough to denote ‘late-thirties’ or does it remain within the boundaries of ‘mid-thirties’, especially considering I have repeatedly been told that I barely look ‘early-thirties’. This coupled with the fact that the majority of thirty-seven year olds in my line of work are forty five, is causing me headaches when trying to decide whether my texts are in need of a revamp befitting my advancing age, and for the moment all will be remaining as it stands. I am, however, planning something of a personal revamp to celebrate, in the form of a triumphant return to Champneys for a couple of days in March (dates yet to be decided but likely to be mid-month-ish).

I was delighted to learn a few interesting facts when thinking about this weeks missive; 37 is not only the atomic number of Rubidium (a tenuous link maybe but it is apparently like myself; both very soft and highly reactive), the number of plays Shakespeare is thought to have written (those of you who know me well will rightly suspect that the number of these I am familiar with is far closer to my shoe size than my age) but also Paul Newman’s prisoner number in Cool Hand Luke, one of my enduring favourite films. Rather more on topic, 37 is the optimum body temperature in Celsius, a phenomenon I will be investigating later this week in that London.

For anyone still sitting on the fence about the coming week, virtually all available appointments are taken, although I do have odd windows and as always it is worth a call in case of cancellations. The only days/times I can confidentally say I am still free are Thursday and Saturday evening, although I do have an exhibition invite on the former, and as far as the latter goes,  the twin temptations of a belated birthday trip to the pictures followed by a curry on Brick Lane are proving competitive indeed, especially bearing in mind that mindful of the comfort of those I meet, I so rarely get to eat aromatic foods. Otherwise, the mugs and Marmite are packed, tickets/railcard/oyster are waiting and I’ll see you all there!

Next Scarborough availability 1st February; advance bookings only, what with all the unpacking, laundry and so forth. Birmingham availability scarce-ish – book now! (and next stop Liverpool…)

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1 Response to they say it’s your birthday…

  1. Dollymopp

    Happy Birthday Amy! Lotsa Love and I hope you had a great time too. xxx Dollymopp


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