a woman’s work is never done…

By amy ~ February 20th, 2010 @ 8:30 pm

pr wAfter the various low level irritants of last week (one of whom sent me an email which will remain a mystery as I deleted it by mistake, but since the laws of probability decree that least a portion of it has probably come from either here or my website, I daresay the remainder of it’s content was of little consequence and even less interest), I have enjoyed a  refreshing and therapeutic few days this week and also managed to get industriously caught up on some of the nagging household matters which have (as they are wont to do), grown from deceptively small and easy-to-put-off mini tasks to large and migraine-inducing Proper Jobs.

My elderly and long-suffering cooker which refused to play ball for a full two weeks is now gone and my days of subsisting miserably on carrot sticks, guacamolé, malt loaf and Cup-a-Soup are a distant memory, although this dire emergency did at least give me the opportunity to rediscover (after some fairly determined hunting) the nostalgic joys of the humble Breville; granite-edged and crisply golden without, and nerve-shreddingly volcanic within – I have discovered through lengthy experimentation that tinned tomatoes present a level of hazard unacceptable even to me, and these were jettisoned in favour of my childhood favourite filling of Prince’s corned beef with brown sauce. Happy days.

A week later, I am now happily ensconced with my spanking new and gleaming steel stove, eventually fitted two days after it’s actual arrival by my friendly local electrician since the good people at Comet are unable to distinguish between a qualified tradesman and a well-intentioned delivery man with a screwdriver. The official Dish of Ritual Celebration was moussaka, and I am gearing up for scones, cayenne potato wedges and possibly a fish pie later in the week. Having also finally tackled the mending pile,  vacuumed the stair carpet and completed the most put off grouting job since records began, I am feeling warm and wriggly with accomplishment and whilst on something of a roll have also begun the long awaited new pictures in earnest – sneak preview on the top left. Next week brings an opportunity to amass some follow-ups to my  scenic outdoor shots from last July, but only the weather can decide this and in the event of temperatures mirroring those of today, I will have a few alternative ideas up my sleeve (and  more than likely a flask of Bovril in my bag).

Normally I would spend a quiet weekend virtuously updating accounts, preparing for my next trip and maintaining the secret and never-discussed ladies day to day upkeep (which ensures that you will thankfully never encounter me in anything even close to a natural state – possessing as I do two distinct and separate eyebrows, for example), but having spent most of the week attending to the mundane (and the less so; I still have to mend the bit of the bed broken in the course of duty on Wednesday, but that’s another story), I am spending today watching the snowfall out of the window, eating luxury hot cross buns from M&S and trying vainly to pair nylons – I am becoming so used to unpacking just to repack that my suitcase is now ever ready with the requisite ruffles, playthings and all of the usual accoutrements required for a rainy (or not so rainy) awayday. All I have to do is replenish disposables, check batteries and remember to wash my knickers.

Another week à maison awaits before my eagerly anticipated trip to Liverpool on the 1st – I have been keen to visit the city for some time and am looking forward to it very much. Please note that I will be available from Tuesday to Thursday inclusive – Monday afternoon and evening are booked up already, and whilst other appointments are dotted about more randomly I still have availability on all three remaining days – please ring or email for details! As you may have seen, my next London visit (usual venue, for those in-the-know) will be shortly after Easter (eggs optional), and as ever, availability is going FAST.

New photos coming very soon…

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2 Responses to a woman’s work is never done…

  1. Anna

    love to swap blogs annaxxx

  2. Dollymopp

    Regardless of WHAT you write, I just love HOW you write. It’s pure art! Gorgeous reading. xxx Dollymopp


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