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By amy ~ March 30th, 2010 @ 1:02 am

TwoLambsA brief post by way of update from out in the field, or at the least the basic but spotless and wonderfully central Manchester hotel room where I am temporarily ensconced for the day and night ahead. For whatever reason, this is not a city I have regularly visited in recent years (although true to form, it is still raining) and this afternoon I have enjoyed some delightful company followed by an idle and aimless potter round Selfridges and a monumental dim sum lunch, the quantity of which challenged even me and bearing in mind the weather, made me even more grateful that my hotel sits right on Chinatown’s enthusiastically festooned and fabulously neon-lit doorstep.

Having had my evening appointment regrettably cancelled (probably just as well given the dumpling-fest), I have been checking online listings and am planning a walk across town to the pictures. The Crazies is currently (and somewhat regrettably since I have never to date seen a poor showing from Ben Kingsley, including his cameo in my second-ever-favourite Sopranos episode) beating my first choice of Shutter Island purely by virtue of starting within the next hour and a half, and as those longer standing readers will already be aware, I have always been of the unshakable belief that you can’t go far wrong with frenzied zombie rednecks (in the celluloid sense obviously; those seeking the real thing would be best advised to attend the first day of the sales at the Sunderland branch of Primark).

As those of you arriving here by the traditional route may well have already seen, yesterday was spent meticulously cropping, resizing and uploading and my lovely new pictures have started appearing on the Gallery page, albeit after a couple of false starts. I will never be techy and finally crawled from my chair some three hours after starting with searing backache, a spinning head and eyes like Scotch eggs,  but needless to say I hope they prove popular and equally that I have not inadvertently removed too many favourites. More will be following soon when I have time, energy and slightly embarrassingly, some clothes to put on for a change (any suggestions welcome, since I am becoming aware my penchant for wandering about joyfully unfettered is beginning to take over a bit). New ‘outdoorsy’ ones will also be following as the weather improves, and improving it is; my journey here included my first sight this year of lambs, primroses and the unarguable sign that summer is approaching, an optimistic-looking family of holidaymakers alighting at Scarborough station sans flasks and waterproofs.

In terms of Easter availability; I will be back in Scarborough for incalls on Wednesday 31st although availability is shrinking, and Thursday likewise. Friday and Saturday are already booked. Sunday, in all honesty, is as yet undecided (the possibility of being presented with things bearing the codewords ‘Green and Black’s’ will certainly affect the process). As ever, as much notice as possible please and to the intrepid travellers amongst you, please do keep in mind that it is Bank Holiday, Easter and school holidays all at once and thus the chances are that driving and parking situations are likely to be, well, fraught.

London? Unless you wish to visit on Thursday 8th – sorry.

Demand for this visit has been such that I am, however, in the process of compiling a standby list for the other days – if you have a preferred time  in mind and wish to contact me (or be contacted) in the event of cancellation then please do get in touch wth details. To all other idle readers, have a very happy Easter! (and for those who were wondering, Scottish updates hopefully to follow soon…)

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