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By amy ~ April 12th, 2010 @ 9:34 pm

p_batterseaOnce again, my delightful few days in That London are over and I am posting from my temporary office on the coach, having left the capital basking in beautiful sunshine after a stroll along the Thames this morning to stretch my legs, buy supplies for the journey at Earth prices and have a last look at the newest addition to my list of  favourite things, Battersea Power Station.

I am optimistically hoping that Scarborough will be likewise blessed as far as weather goes, although since I am unlikely to see it much before 8.30pm, the state of play is really not important unless it could conceivably play a part in obstructing delivery of the monstrous Indian takeaway I plan to order within five minutes of getting through the door and which will undoubtedly be in the enjoyable planning stages for most of the journey. Needless to say, tomorrow will certainly be me-time…

I have had possibly the most fun, if tiring, of all my recent trips and have been thoroughly wined, dined, entertained (thanks to a fabulous night out in the West End) and showered with gifts, among them my favourite Green and Black’s chocolate (in particularly appealing miniature bar form and encompassing every flavour available) and a DVD of new music to be getting on with, especially welcome since my current ipod playlists are looking somewhat tired. The latter part of yesterday was spent enjoyably pottering around Piccadilly and Soho to round off my visit, although my loathing of crowds predictably threw a spanner in the works as far as my usual trip to the pictures was concerned, and an earlier-than planned return to the plush tranquillity of the apartment was necessary after a fabulously good Italian ice-cream cone which revived the senses in more ways than one, the £4.20 price tag having much the same effect as a crash cart.

I have also been fortunate to see almost all of my much adored regular London visitors as well as a healthy scattering of keen-as-mustard newbies, all of whom I would welcome back in a flash. Definitely a hit, and I am very much looking forward to next time! My next London dates will provisionally be the second week of June; the vigilant will have spotted my flying visit at the end of this month but the little time I have to spare is almost entirely spoken for already, and realistically, anything that causes me to sleep through the Night of the Senses ball and the accompanying reason for my presence – the Erotic Awards – is most likely ill-advised.

Variety being the spice of life and so forth, I am busying myself with more travel plans and am hoping to make my way up to Aberdeen next month – the Granite City has been featuring on my ‘to do’ list for a while, and since I can stop off in Edinburgh (one of my other favourite cities) on the return leg, it seems churlish indeed to avoid the place. With the help of a charming gentleman correspondent, I have carefully scouted accommodation and transport including flights, although a seven hour train journey pales into insignificance next to the prospect of entrusting my schedule to Flybe (colloquially known as Maybe) ever again and anyway, the stunning views will make up for the backache. I should be confirming the details later this week – and needless to say a stopover will be made in Edinburgh on the way back so nobody need feel left out.

For now though, domestic bliss and a shortly-to-be full refrigerator beckons; availability this week will be limited whilst the batteries recharge and same day callers are guaranteed to be disappointed (in case you were wondering, writing this doesn’t ever stop them trying, but it does give me one more online resource to point them to whilst sighing theatrically and putting another slice of pilchards-in-tomato-sauce-toast under the grill). Tomorrow, Wednesday and Sunday are already spoken for…

Still nothing from the Scottish Justice Committee, since they have been on Easter holidays. Keep everything crossed. And to anyone concerned about the implications of the recent new legislation in England and Wales, watch this space, I’m working on an explanation and will post soon-as.

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