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By amy ~ May 31st, 2010 @ 7:51 pm

south-cliff-grandAn unexpectedly busy week indeed, with our local gentlemen clearly having missed my presence more than I had anticipated and what was intended to be a restful and relaxing time before my London trip next week has turned out to be nothing of the kind! Thus a languorous Bank Holiday Monday was called for, and whilst I have been mulling over the idea of a trip to the cinema for the Sex and the City sequel (toffee apple before, popcorn during, fish and chips after), this would sadly require dressing myself and for the moment at least, the strain is far too much to contemplate and so I am still predictably but enjoyably pottering about my sunny living room in my vest and knickers, as is de rigeur for any day off worthy of note.

I am happy to report that it has not been all work and no play however, and I have made a new friend in a lovely lady who has recently relocated to the area; the hotchpotch that is Adultwork does have its uses, and having spent a pleasant and girly Thursday taking some nice new pictures, the very sweet, extremely bright and fabulously-bottomed Alexa is now very much available and deserves to do very well indeed – I have been absurdly chuffed to hear today that she already has a busy week coming up, and would advise folk to get your mails in promptly, since Scarborough’s new (strawberry and very nice too) blonde bombshell is available at limited times only due to other commitments, but she is perfectly capable of telling you all this herself.

Speaking of photos, I am intending to take some more of my own later this week, and have a few new and seasonal themes in mind – once I’ve finished resealing the bathroom, painting ceilings and sugar-soaping woodwork; unfortunately, whilst the luxurious and glamorous lifestyle we ladies are purported to enjoy does occasionally poke its head around the door chez moi, it is more often swept aside by the practicalities of trying to deftly complete a medium-scale renovation and redecorating task whilst running a small business, fulfilling voluntary commitments and naturally remaining perfectly poised, beautifully attired and charmingly presented at all times. Some  of my familiars may, in fact, suspect that a part of the previous statement is somewhere betweeen wishful thinking and an outright lie, which of course it is. Don’t say anything.

Oddly enough, I even find time to rest like a normal human, as I tried vainly to explain to a particularly obtuse and moronic correspondent last night (well, earlier today) who was utterly unable to understand why I was not taking telephone calls at 1am, and downright incredulous to learn that I was not in the slightest bit interested in or prepared to accommodate his stated wish for a short notice meeting in the small hours (which would have been almost forgivable was it not crystal clear on my website that no phone calls will be answered after 8pm, nor will gentlemen unknown to me be visiting later than the same). Most would surely agree that a generally expected level of common sense attained by a few years of participating in the real world should result in the knowledge that an unsolicited phone call to a total stranger in the small hours is unlikely to be welcomed with open arms, and as such I explained my position distinctly and without leaving any further margin for error or misunderstanding; needless to say, the prat in question will not be meeting me any time soon (and doesn’t want to now anyway, so ner, according to his final apoplectic text message), thus a satisfactory end was eventually reached for all concerned, although probably not the one our friend was originally expecting.

Fortunately for my sanity, there are still gentlemen left in the world capable of both courtesy and consideration for others and I have had an extremely entertaining week with a healthy sprinkling of disarming new callers – Scarborough is becoming noticeably busier and my diary has matched it, which since I am away in That London once again next week has been welcome indeed. With the World Cup beginning the day after my return (my optimistic intentions to watch three football matches every day during the first phase of the tournament are unlikely to completely come to pass although I managed fine last time round, missing only two games out of the entire shebang) I am doing my best to engineer any requested appointments with decent windows to spare at each side for keeping abreast of the action, but anyone who proposes to avail himself of the cast-iron alibi afforded by a large sporting event is urged to bear this in mind (unless you are happy spending the appointment on my settee, which in retrospect and given it’s desirably huge size and lovely soft finish, most people probably would be).

Anyway, back to this week; tomorrow – booked, Wednesday – some availability, Thursday – booked, Friday – as Wednesday and Saturday? Day-off-and-packing. Phew.

London (and bizarrely, Bristol, despite my arrival being almost two months away) are filling up faster by the day. Still a few appointments left next week – mainly Tuesday; Adultwork phone still off and likely to remain so or the foreseeable future. I do believe that’s everything – now back to the familiar route ‘twixt couch and well-stocked fridge, and a big wave to all those also having a well deserved day off. I’m sooo out of practice…

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