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By amy ~ August 29th, 2010 @ 9:46 am

A brief update; as it is now a full four weeks since I ought to have been setting off for Glasgow before being cruelly thwarted by The Cold, I have decided it is about time I got on with rearranging and have today been juggling dates about for my promised reschedule.

I have holidays in September, Jersey at the start of October and my next London trip around the end, plus I do not like to leave my beloved fishes for more than a handful of days each month although the new plaster-free food sticks I discovered prior to my Bristol trip have made my travellings far easier on them and the long-suffering aquarium plants than just leaving them to get on with it, harmless though this is. I am still looking forward to my visit (not least because I will finally get my hands on a battered Mars Bar), the offered discounts for those who have already booked will be honoured upon rearranging and I am hoping to catch up with some of the lovely local ladies too.

The provisional new Glasgow dates will be sometime in the week starting Monday 8th November, and the plan is to include Edinburgh either on the way there or on the way back – which way round is yet to be decided, hence the ‘provisional’. Anyone with a preference one way or the other, let me know (the current favourite is Glasgow first (Mon/Tues) and Edinburgh second (Wed/Thur). Meanwhile, an unexpected invitation has opened up an opportunity for a couple of nights two towns over in Leeds at the end of this very week – the hotel is booked and the ads are up! I will not be available on the Thursday evening but Wednesday afternoon/evening and Thursday daytime are free, and I am looking forward to a spot of hotel entertaining which (just for a change) hasn’t included a four-hours-plus journey beforehand.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the traditional Bank Holiday rain has been falling steadily, and I have so far happily avoided the whole shebang by confining myself to base with the refrigerator, the fishes and the TV remote. The temptation to venture out into daylight has today become too great, however, and I am setting off now for a stroll along the Esplanade before my gym visit, followed by a pitstop for milk, bread and then fish and chips on the way home. It’s a hard life, right enough.

More soon…

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