By amy ~ October 10th, 2010 @ 1:38 pm

Sod mid-January. I will be back in St Helier at the end of November for more fun, a proper look round and a spot of Christmas shopping; I am not yet advertising (officially), but I have arranged my travel and accommodation, plus I have been kindly forewarned about the weather so this time will be sure to bring my cagoule and wellingtons. Details soon…

Having been back in Scarborough now for three days, I have had time to relax, decompress a little, treat myself to two nice (noon+) lies-in for the first time in nearly a week (although the 5am start on Monday morning in order to catch the train was a new record, given that it is not unknown for me to still be, if not technically ‘up’, certainly awake at this time) and catch up with a couple of my lovely local gentlemen, one of whom has been feeling sadly, but perhaps understandably a little hard done by, since I always seem to be on my travels when the opportunity for an afternoon dalliance comes up – sorry (again)! I promise I have not forgotten everybody here, but as much as I know I bang on about it, my awaydays are always advertised very well in advance and are not hard to find, plus my short notice availability is generally zero even when I am at home and in all fairness, it’s not as if I make any secret of that, either!

I have spent a pleasant and homely morning today pottering about and tidying up with builders tea and bacon and egg sandwich in hand; my very forgiving houseplants have been diligently wiped down, misted and thoroughly watered in preparation for the darker days ahead, and I am brushing up on my last-minute punter directions for the days when I am having to explain the route to my door to visitors in the low light. Having had to do this for the first time in as long as I can remember just over a week ago (and with apologies to the unsuspecting gentleman concerned, we got there in the end etc) it is definitely time I had some practice for when the sky is resolutely pitch black from 4pm until mid-morning the following day, and that time is not too far away. The clocks are going back soon and winter (which I like, although not as much as autumn) will be upon us before we know it.

Since I rarely work in the evenings, much to the astonishment of the gentleman who rang last night at eight pm and eventually offered me double my fee (incredulous that even this did not tempt me in the slightest to extract myself from my cosy dressing gown, shower, dress, and traipse out into the cold to meet a complete stranger rather then remain curled up on the big settee, happily trying out my new nose-pore-cleaning-strips, eating cheesy Wotsits and watching the X Factor) and it has been mostly light until six o’clockish when I am ordinarily done for the day, I have neglected to keep my hand in here so after-work newbies, do bear with me! In other transport news, the engineering works between Scarborough and York have now started with a vengeance, so anyone visiting by train needs to check and double-check replacement buses and whatnot (and speaking personally, my panic about reaching York in time to catch my London train Wednesday week has now reached the sort of wild-eyed, heart-racing level where I may well throw in the towel altogether and book a taxi).

Speaking of London, there are a very few appointments left; Wednesday 20th and Saturday 23rd are fully booked, likewise most of Thursday 21st – I fully expect to be completely spoken for by this time next week, and strongly suggest folk get their typing heads on and their requests in soon! I am factoring in time for a long-awaited visit to the nearby Aquarium (and am quite prepared to feel humbled when comparing the fabulous displays with my own little resident companions and their mini-ecosystems in my living room) as well a trip to the RA for Treasures from Budapest and catching up with a couple of lady friends, so decent notice is imperative; I will not be spending my scant free time draped along the window ledge in my trollies waiting to be summoned – sorry! So much of London, so little time…

New pics soon too – promise. You don’t think I’ll be setting foot outside in this, do you?

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  1. Elsewhere

    “Undercrackers” last month, “trollies” this month.
    You do have a way with words that makes me smile


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