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By amy ~ November 26th, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

First and foremost, and as some will already know, unforeseen circumstances have led me to cancel my trip to St Helier; I cannot and will not go into detail, but the combination of events here, the unexpected (and lets face it, less than conducive) weather conditions travel-wise plus some insider rumblings from the island itself have decided things beyond any doubt. My sincere apologies to those who had booked (particularly those whom I was looking forward to seeing again) and opportunities permitting, I will certainly be back in Jersey at some point when things settle down a bit.

Meanwhile back at HQ, the boiler and radiators are holding up nicely, the big food shop has been shopped (and a restorative pot of homemade chilli prepared, infusing the apartment with the aroma of, er, chilli) and the suitcase has been determinedly put back in the cupboard for a couple of weeks. I cannot say the upcoming month is exactly looking peaceful (and some days are already fully booked), but a welcome serenity and order is beginning to settle again after the madness of the last couple of weeks; whilst a busy stretch is always a boon, the unexpected free time over the next few days couldn’t have come at a better point and I intend to spend the weekend doing mostly nothing at all. I will be achieving as much of this nothing as possible whilst in the prone position on the settee eating Nigella’s chocolate-salted-peanut-Crunchie-bar things in my pyjamas (my version of recipe below, prebooking of ambulance and cardiac unit advised) and watching my new Toy Story 3 DVD.

The keen-eyed and vigilant among you may have noticed the temporary addendum above – since December is already proving to be a popular month and a significant number of gentlemen have asked about my plans over the festive days, I have prepared a helpful timetable to aid us all, and I promise to keep it updated! In the meantime, those who have tried today will know that my phone is switched off and is likely to remain largely so until Monday (this includes the voicemail, which I have finally worked out how to disable since I never listen to the messages anyway). If you need something to do, make these instead:


Melt 100g (about 4oz or just over a third of a pack) of butter in a pan with a tbsp-ish glob of golden syrup – if there’s none knocking around from Pancake Day, honey would probably do it to be honest (texters, please note correct spelling of ‘honey’). Break up and add two 150g bars of chocolate, one-dark-one-milk or both dark if you want to feel a bit sophisticated, although the soon-to-be-introduced presence of broken Crunchie bars won’t help here so put the wrappers in the outside bin and forget about them if it bothers you. Alternatively, eat some of the milk chocolate to improve proportions.

While it’s melting, chop up 3 X 40g (normal size) Crunchie bars (hiding the other one for later if using a four pack), mix in a bowl with a 250g bag of salted peanuts (Tesco Value ones are 29p and aren’t too big), and pour about half into the melted chocolate. Mix it all together adding the rest, and then tip into a shallow tray, dish or tin lined with strips of greaseproof or some such over clingfilm; don’t use foil or it’ll stick like shit to a blanket, as my silver haired old grandmother used to say. I used a medium size lasagne dish, but mine are quite, well, robust (see above).

Put in fridge for a few hours (about four is spot on; I managed to get some servicable bits off the edges after two). Cut into pieces and sob with joy…

Update soon. For those North of the border, yes, the lovely Trish is back. Some light reading to go with your chocolate here; and so to Round Two! What will we all do with ourselves if and when the day eventually comes for the world to leave us alone to get on with our business in peace?

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