By amy ~ April 22nd, 2011 @ 10:59 pm

As the day draws nearer, it’s about time I updated folks on our Race for Life progress (and see above for a further celebration of some of the merchandise, both mine and theirs). The current sponsor money bird-in-the-hand-wise is £140, with about that again already promised so all being well, my original target of £500 is well within reach provided everybody else sticks to their guns – yay! And I haven’t even started on unsuspecting friends and family yet…

My current Best Time for the 5k is just over 37 minutes with a few walk breaks – this is on the treadmill in the gym which conveniently absorbs a great deal of impact, and even more conveniently tells you how far you have gone and how long it took; my first foray into the world of road running earlier in the week was less successful and since I made it maybe 500 yards before having to stop, in retrospect I probably should have thought about picking an area of Scarborough which is well, flatter. As it is, and since my poor jarred hips are still aching a bit, I have made the executive decision to continue the training on the treadmill for now although as I have yet more tearing about to do over the coming fortnight it will be very much as and when I get the chance, particularly as my usual on-the-road footwear in the form of nude patent MaryJanes with 4″ heels is entirely unsuitable for sporting purposes and my lovely Brooks running shoes don’t fit in my handbag (and even if they did, my built-to-withstand-nuclear-attack sports bra would still require it’s own carrying apparatus).

The rest of the week-wise, I have been especially delighted to meet several new callers who between them shared a startling amount of common ground with yours truly including fishkeeping, a mild Tripadvisor addiction and Pimlico; I was even fortunate enough to encounter one charming new visitor not once but twice (subtitle: When An Hour Is Not Enough). I have arranged exciting escapades to far flung corners of the land and eaten far more sausage sandwiches than is good for anybody after getting overexcited at the butchers, and the remainder of the Easter weekend will be seeing me travelling in the opposite direction from the rest of the population of Yorkshire and heading out of Scarborough until Sunday evening; anyone wishing to book for Monday, please do try and get in touch promptly as I will be away from the computer for a day or so! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday next week are spoken for already – apologies to those not fast enough…

So only a brief Good Friday update after the madness of last week’s entry, but a very Happy Easter to all, and more will follow soon – promise! And thank you kindly to all the keen folk who responded with their own Crap Towns (and even crapper hotels); I’m seriously thinking of taking up where the original left off and compiling a list. Luton, anyone?

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