all these autumn leaves are yours tonight…

By amy ~ September 25th, 2011 @ 10:54 pm

Well firstly this week, a little wave to Rebeckah Vaughan, whom I was extremely surprised to recognise (I think) being evicted from the Big Brother house during an impromptu fudge-fuelled channel surf on Friday evening after the Doctor Who repeat. Those who follow my outings will recall my travels over recent weeks, including the mad dash across Liverpool’s Lime Street station to catch the Cardiff train last month on which I shared a table with the aforementioned lady until we both got off at Crewe, where I helped her lump her vast quantity of (I thought they only got one small case) colourful luggage off the train and over towards the lift for the Euston train, partly because she had been very sweet in admiring my glasses, but mostly because the poor girl must have weighed about as much as one of my legs and I strongly suspect she would have missed it. Bless.

As most will know, more island-hopping was afoot this week and I returned to beautiful autumn sunshine in Scarborough after three nights on Guernsey, having luxuriated in virtually undivided attention from it’s locals and visiting luminaries for almost the entire duration. I did not even have the chance to explore the hotel let alone the town or the island itself, more’s the pity – there was not even time to look for a lovely cow to take a picture of (so AW could delete it after I forgot the rules again haha). All I can say is thank you Guernsey for a lovely time, and the bit of you I saw from the taxi between the hotel and the airport was utterly charming. I am plotting my return already and bearing in mind I will be paying Jersey a little visit in mid-November, it may be sooner rather than later…

I also had the opportunity after a somewhat fraught return journey, which involved (amongst other things) a thorough bag search at the airport, a bumpy flight not helped by a plane only slightly larger than the taxi I’d just got out of and nearly falling off the Gatwick Express back at Victoria having got overexcited looking at Battersea Power Station, to catch up with the fabulous Kinky La Rue for our regular (and sadly missed last time) Yo Sushi date, and armed with 40% off voucher codes to boot. Having gossiped, Kindle-compared and kept the chefs busy with tempura-making for a couple of hours we parted company, and will next be seen gracing London’s Wyndhams Theatre for a trip to the new production of Driving Miss Daisy; given that most sane people would happily pay to listen to James Earl Jones read aloud his shopping list I am looking forward to this very much indeed (not to mention the proximity to Leicester Square tube making it prime KFC-hunting ground). This will be on Friday 7th of October which means there is a single appointment left that afternoon in London, any time between 4.30 and 6pm – the rest of the day is booked up apart from first thing, as is Thursday 6th but fear not – there are dribs and drabs available earlier in the week, as well as in Cambridge from Saturday evening onwards! Yay!

Back home, and the anticipated few days’ rest failed to materialise until today but a pleasant time has been had, and I am looking forward to a relaxing week. The calm-but-slightly-melancholy air which settles over the town as the cooler weather moves in and the resulting peaceful atmosphere around those parts which were packed with visitors but a few weeks ago is possibly my favourite time of the year, and I will be out and about enjoying the fallen leaf-earthiness and fresh air (and the special hot chocolate at Cooplands Café – see below). I am mostly booked for the week in that all the appointments I intend taking are already arranged, but who knows – all prospective offers considered on condition that they a) give appropriate notice as detailed on my site and b) contain vowels (and I’m including the telephone callers).

And finally a little bit for the ladies – I have been singularly chuffed to take delivery yesterday morning of my very own ‘Your Perfect Red’ lipstick kit from the lovely people at What Katie Did; the six mini pots have 1.5g each of different classic reds all for a lowly tenner! Not only is it simplicity itself to try out the shades and find a favourite, it also means yet another opportunity to hoard tiny little containers of useful things; a favourite hobby of mine in itself (and anybody who doubts this should look in my Working Away Food Bits bag, which is packed to the four corners with Cup-A-Soups and instant Horlicks sachets, plastic cutlery, individual heart-shaped Marmite portions and mini jars of marmalade – thank you breakfast buffets everywhere). Fabulous.

Next stop: Cambridge! New pictures coming soon too …possibly this week depending on how much fudge is still in its box before Friday.

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2 Responses to all these autumn leaves are yours tonight…

  1. Rebeckah

    Thanks for helping me with my bag Amy x

  2. amy

    Oh, that’s OK! Considering that was all the energy I had left after the Isle of Man, I’m glad it went on something worthwhile :) xx


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