chilly, chilly is the evening time…

By amy ~ December 13th, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

And the morning, afternoon and night-time, as it turns out – a scant twenty four hours after arriving back in my favourite second home of Waterloo and the temperature could less-than-eloquently described as well, brass monkeys.

Fortunately this is exactly the weather which suits me nicely, being someone who feels faint with heat exhaustion at seventy five degrees and from whom cashmere cardigans and woolly hat have to be forcibly wrenched for the remaining fifty one weeks of the year. For those who begin planning their winter outfits in early September the first signs of the searing, needlestick frostiness on a bright sunny day, the breath-sapping biting winds (particularly bracing for those of us who live a few hundred yards from the North Sea) and the deep, glassy chill that sets in as soon as the sun goes down are all pleasing signs of what is soon to come (namely the wearing of many cosy layers, huge boots and improbably expensive fake fur as well as the anticipation of baked, casseroled and roasted things for dinner every day for the foreseeable future).

Since my arrival yesterday I have left my ever-fabulous digs only twice; once for dinner at the Italian up the road and once for breakfast this morning whilst housekeeping (hopefully) get busy. For once, the usual handful of last minute cancellations hasn’t happened and I am likely to be kept extremely busy this week what with all the entertaining plus extra curricular activities, all aimed at getting seriously Christmassey (sadly the carol service I was hoping to get to at Southwark Cathedral is on Sunday after my departure – an alternative is currently being scouted). Also on my list (time allowing – needless to say currently it isn’t but the First Rule Of Punting (Always Have A Plan B) applies equally to touring, as well as travelling by public transport, ordering in a restaurant or going on the pull) will be a trip into town to look at all the Christmas shop windows, proper lunch, Kindle-talk and cake shopping with the fabulous Kinky La Rue and a stroll across the bridge to see the tree at Trafalgar Square, which if nothing else ought to lend a sense of perspective where Mini Tree is concerned.

So back to it for now! A couple of appointments left tomorrow, one on Friday evening and bar a scant gap early doors on Sunday, that’s all folks. Update at the weekend…

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