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By amy ~ January 1st, 2012 @ 12:44 am

And that’s another one out of the way! I am taking a mini break from the ceremonial undressing of Mini Tree, given that he will be saying au revoir in a few days and returning to recuperate in his usual outdoor home for the next eleven months before returning for Christmas 2012 refreshed, invigorated and a bit bigger.

This is in fact (since we’re here) the first New Year’s Eve I have still been up (as opposed to watching box sets in bed with the very end of the turkey sandwiches) beyond about eleven pm in what must be five years, and it is longer still since I last left the house to brave the carnage of the public celebration. Given that I rarely hit the hay before 3am (and four is not unusual), the occasional early night is always a pleasant change, and when better than the one where we’re supposed to do as we’re told and stay up late? Plus I’m assured of being able to listen to music I like throughout, an even more tempting prospect when the opening piano strains of Fairytale of New York make their presence felt for the 623,417th time in the last five weeks and the resulting urge to maim indiscriminately is at risk of becoming too strong to ignore. The only technical hitch so far has been my forgetting to order the seafood (as pictured above) that was the original New Year’s Eve dinner plan so my bottle of celebratory Taittinger is currently being accompanied by toast and marmalade, but I do believe I can live with it. And it is very good marmalade.

It’s been a grand year, 2011. I have travelled far and wide, made many new friends, seen the inside of countless trains, planes and automobiles (well taxis, anyway) and had lots of fun, most of it related here – the upcoming months will include more of the same and with my longed-for return to New York in March (of which more soon) to cap off the early part of 2012, it’s all looking good. And since 2012 marks the very last year of my thirties too, so a few (or a lot of) exciting adventures to mark the solemn occasion will surely be on the cards!

To all the lovely ladies and gents, loyal blog readers and friends who have seen me through the last twelve months and will hopefully be hanging on for the next twelve – very best wishes and a Happy New Year! And for those who are equally sick of the festive tunes and fancy some respite, one of my all time favourites is below. Enjoy.

Back in the week. I’ve got a suitcase to pack…

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