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By amy ~ January 31st, 2012 @ 12:57 am

The rail tickets (and see above), flight bookings, hotel confirmations and various bits and bobs for the next couple of months have today been carefully sorted into envelopes bearing the destination name (again, to anyone who wondered what we did with all the envelopes, see, they do get used!) and it’s been time to gradually start picking up the pace following a comfortable week relaxing at home, the work rate helpfully decided by the callers themselves and mostly via a total lack of attention to detail (the ‘no same day bookings after 12 noon’ again posing logistical problems) and since the earlier part of the week has been necessarily taken up with Other Stuff, I have had a lovely, peaceful and bristly-legged few days of  TV, proper cooking and Kindle engrossment prior to the chaos that promises to ensue from Wednesday on!

Or more accurately from Wednesday mid-afternoon, with the earlier part of the day being taken up by a not-too-early start, more Kindle reading on the train and a long overdue investigation of a new(ish) Dim Sum place with Kinky La Rue when I finally arrive back in That London – it’s been ages! One hot topic will be our upcoming New York trip; shopping, eating, nights on the town and sightseeing (for me at least, the Cindy Sherman exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art being top of my list) plans are afoot – I will be organising a special information page here as last year, and the MO will be altogether very much as before. Having not been anywhere on a plane with anybody else in tow since 2007, I am very much looking forward to having a travel buddy, (and particularly one who doesn’t think that the desire to eat cheesecake every day is a sign of poor judgement and lack of imagination) – only five-and-a-bit weeks to go!

All in good time though, and both London and the Channel Islands are looking busy-busy; hopefully some cheer can be dispersed amidst the February gloom and unarguably turn towards the chilly over the last twenty four hours or so! The much vaunted new pictures are having to wait until tomorrow such was the lack of daylight today, and coupled with the impracticality of prancing around the apartment semi-naked bar a few scraps of lacy stuff and half a ton of make up, an executive decision was made to set up everything and then leave it be, have a hot bath and get immediately back into the warm nightie/cardigan combo which serves as casual daywear (‘loungewear’ to those who frequent Marks and Spencer) when reclining at home. No point dirtying clothes, after all…

Photo shoot temporarily postponed, I have instead been organising my long-suffering suitcase into Clothing (Work), Clothing (Civvy), Kit (including condoms – 50 reg, 20 XL, 5 each Whopper/Nipper), Food/Drink (cup a soup, decent tea, Marmite) and Gadget piles – it never fails to surprise how little some callers realise about the organisation required to both live and work out of one medium suitcase for the best part of a fortnight, and having explained to the aural equivalent of a blank look a couple of times today that I do not carry my entire wardrobe around on my back like a snail (and therefore it’s better to request things whilst I and it are both still in the same building) I gave up, shrugged and continued with the usual tried and tested formula. Apart from anything else, neither South London nor Jersey or even Guernsey have been decreed third world nations since my last visit, and an on-site restock is perfectly possible (as I had one bright morning in Belfast the other week with the lovely Ebony Renee when the wet wipes and mouthwash got a bit depleted) and the mini bottle of Surf all-in-one for travel washing pretty much covers the rest.

Needless to say I will not be offering appointments in Scarborough now until Monday 13th February – advance bookings are as welcome as ever and the days of same day appointments when at home are virtually over, not that they are commonplace now. Meanwhile, to London, Jersey and Guernsey, I’m on my way and will see you soon!

More, well, when time allows. Oh, and there’s some new pics in the Gallery to be getting on with – rest (hopefully) in the next few days…


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