raindrops keep fallin’ on my head…

By amy ~ April 30th, 2012 @ 10:19 pm

I post from a breezy but thankfully dry (compared with yesterday, when I got so wholly and comprehensively drenched it took me an hour to get dry and warmed up again and my poor shoes are still completing the process) St Helier, and the end of the latest Big Trip is in sight!

Whilst the attitude of the Adultwork users of Jersey, I’m sorry to say, has not improved since my surprised and disappointed observations back in February here, I have resolutely kept my chin up and as ever the gentlemen who have actually read, booked and turned up without any of the rude calls, illiterate text messages or the general petulant bleating (mostly professing complete ignorance of my booking process and expressing their disbelief that I am not falling over myself to encounter someone who thinks it perfectly acceptable to initiate contact with a total stranger from whom they are looking to receive a professional service via a text message that says ‘hey babe R U free 2day?’ or some such) which I have sadly come to expect here following two visits in a row of same, have all been delightful, lots of fun and to be honest, the only reason I am even contemplating coming back. To be fair – given the situation  – the numpties are the big losers. We’ve all been having a lovely time!

Meanwhile back in That London last week, the torrential rain and did-anyone-notice tube strike had what could be called a minimal effect on day-to-day activities and in my new ‘trial run’ venue close to Victoria Station especially the pace was, er, brisk. Fortunately the diabolical weather did not encourage much in the way of leaving the hotel, so plenty of indoor entertainment was the order of the day (with a mini-excursion for Thai dinner and gossip with the lovely Daisy, who happened to be visiting from Manchester) and after a couple of days of novelty, normal service was duly resumed in Waterloo on Thursday lunchtime – yay!

The weather did not preclude me from my planned trip to the Tate Modern, and everybody ought to go and see Damian Hirst’sFor The Love Of God‘, the platinum-plated and diamond-encrusted skull pictured last week – no photograph on earth could do it justice (not that I got the opportunity to test the theory, since cameras are strictly prohibited); sparkly, shall we say. I also wandered through the rest and even had time for a whizz round Yayoi Kusama (see above) plus a brief pit-stop in the Member’s Room for tea and a biscuit, thanks to a not-entirely-unwelcome cancellation on Friday afternoon; coincidentally about the only time when it stopped pissing down for more than ten minutes.

 The weekend started with charming company, very blue steak and a gratifying enormous île flottante at Chez Gerard, and continued in a thoroughly positive way for the next 24 hours and to Matsuri St James for a long-planned Teppanyaki dinner with Jemma Fox (erstwhile of Stockwell and also Ping Pong back in December) and the lovely Charlotte, whose new dress I coveted having nearly bought the very one myself (and still might); the rain did not put anybody off and the nothing-short-of-stunning food was as fabulous as the company. Anybody checking out the site can look at the Taiko set menu and fantasise – I am happy to say I no longer have to (and for those wondering what Fireball ice cream is, see below!)So back to the present, and I will be whizzing across to Guernsey tomorrow afternoon hopefully to my usual enthusiastic welcome and maybe even some sunshine; fingers crossed the winds will have dropped a little by then (even Marks & Spencer in town earlier was looking decidedly thin after the weather delayed food deliveries, although happily the stock of strawberries, mini yum yums and tropical fruit in jelly was holding it’s own). A few appointments are left, although not many and I will be back in London on Thursday for the previously-mentioned ECP launch, not to mention the KLR lunch beforehand.

Next week in Scarborough is largely booked up or unavailable thanks to my trip away over Thursday and Friday but oddbods remain, and then Belfast and Dublin await at the weekend! The ads will be going up at the end of the week, but anybody wishing to get in early by all means do.

More soon. There’s still two yum yums left.

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  1. Ian

    Missed you this time in Jersey , hope the ill mannered won’t put you off returning , take care Amy X


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