fright night(s) – at last!

By amy ~ August 23rd, 2012 @ 3:29 pm

And it’s goodbye to the Isle of Man!

For now anyway, after a good lie in and a stroll on the beach for some fresh air after a fairly manic couple of days (although nothing resembling the onslaught from last time and just as well too, as it would be disappointing in the extreme to have forked out £160 for a film festival pass only to sleep through all the best bits). Douglas remains a favourite and I’ll be back before Christmas – one of these days I will remember to take some kippers home (a bonus effect of carrying these being that nobody will sit near me on the train).

I abandoned plans for a morning appointment today before leaving in favour of an extra hours’ sleep, a big breakfast and packing my long suffering suitcase, now missing a wheel after an irritating encounter with the 200-or-so-strong Ryanair queue avec trolleys at Manchester Airport (message: just because you and your Primark carry-on haven’t moved an inch for forty minutes, doesn’t mean those of us who booked a proper airline haven’t got places to get to) neatly, since my arrival in London, journey up to Kings Cross for a quick change, and subsequent dash back into town has unarguably been something of a rush. I post now (having admittedly written on the bus) from my exceptionally compact but rather lovely digs for the next five days having just unpacked again, and will be heading off to W1 shortly for Yo Sushi followed by the first three offerings on the Frightfest menu; The Seasoning House, Cockneys vs Zombies and Grabbers – an all British night! Needless to say then, I’ll keep this brief, having not quite mastered the art of self publishing from my otherwise effective run-a-small-business-from-your-coat-pocket BlackBerry in any sort of sensible way (bar occasional typo corrections and the like).

As some may have already seen, the weekend’s mornings were looking somewhat dull and empty, in parallel with the non-junk food outlets of the Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus areas looking expensive, and I have therefore planned for ONE early doors booking each morning sometime between seven and ten am – yay! Strictly first come, first served and advance bookings ONLY; I will not have my work phone with me at the films and email will be the only way to contact me (see BlackBerry-related previous paragraph).

Thus my previously annoying five day Central London hotel and food bill will be magically transformed into a legitimate business expense, and it’ll be fun! For those prepared to wait a little longer and/or understandably have no wish to get up early on a Bank Holiday weekend, I’ll be back at Victoria as planned from Tuesday afternoon…

Anybody interested, get in touch! I’m off before the show starts without me.

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