that was the week that was…

By amy ~ September 19th, 2012 @ 11:23 pm

…a bit of an oddity, all things considered. Starting with a cancelled train at York on Monday morning (and a just-caught flight as a result) and culminating in a very welcome (if a little unexpected) return to the leafy highways and byways of my old stomping ground of Pimlico, it’s been, er, interesting. I’m absolutely knackered, that much I do know.

Suffice to say I (eventually) had a lovely, if tiring, time and am currently doing my damnedest to rest up at home amongst piles of packing, admin (including putting the finishing touches to my New York ads; a migraine-inducingly frustrating and laborious task which makes dealing with the likes of Adultwork look like putting on a sock), To Do lists and a pleasingly mountainous stack of multicoloured yarn for a new London Underground-inspired knitting project to take with me on my upcoming travels. I also have a new Non-Kindle-Actual-Paper book to read, once I have collected it from the Grand Brasserie at St Pancras after shamefully leaving it behind after dinner with a charming gentleman in a mad dash to catch the only train all week that was not late, delayed, cancelled or otherwise bollocksed in some way. Oops.

Due to a slight change of plan, I will now be setting off first thing on Saturday morning to take part in Slutwalk 2012, a protest march up Piccadilly which aims to make the very salient point that we should hold people who commit acts of violence and abuse against others responsible for their actions, and rather than tell women how to conduct themselves in order to not get raped, maybe it would be an idea to foster a culture where people understand why they shouldn’t attack other people in the first place. Most intelligent adults would not expect that there is a need for this to be spelt out but sadly it seems there is, both amongst those who think that women who wear revealing clothing are inviting sexual assault (a little like stating that shopkeepers who display attractive items on their shelves only have themselves to blame if people steal them) and just as ridiculous, the deeply offensive idea that men are basically no more sophisticated than farm animals, and will be rendered uncontrollable savages at the mere sight of a bit of leg or a bra strap. Or a bare arse, for that matter.

Whilst I will not be sauntering through W1 bare-arsed (engaging idea though it is; given the temperature and the time I need to set off I will be looking decidedly less sluttish and probably more woolly) I will be joining in with the ECP and anybody who wants to come along is invited, needless to say! Assembly is 12.30pm at the top of Piccadilly (Hyde Park Corner end) and all the nuts and bolts can be found here.

Anyway, back to current events and the remainder of this week; as noted above I have a fair bit of ground to cover in the next couple of days preparation-wise, and thus whilst existing bookings will be honoured, no more will be taken in Scarborough until after my return from New York on October 2nd and a bit of a rest until the weekend, at least. The schedule for London is shaping up nicely, and I am very much looking forward to catching up with not only my usual digs on the South Bank, but also the newly-relocated Charlotte (now of London Bridge – yay!) with whom I have girly plans for dim-sum-and on Saturday following the Slutwalking. Wednesday is also fully spoken for, since I will be reconvening with a previously mentioned enthusiast for lunch (and), which will take up the entire morning and most of the afternoon before I grab the suitcase, jump on the Piccadilly line and make haste for Heathrow – the near-miss of my last attempt at an uneventful journey via this particular route have not left my mind and I will be setting off in very good time.

So back to the packing and roll on next week! Will update once I’ve landed (although I’m not committing myself to where yet).

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