i’m back! sort of…

By amy ~ January 6th, 2013 @ 8:38 pm

…and Happy New Year! Albeit a few days late; having managed to pack everything bar my laptop’s charger cable I have not only been negotiating a three-location work trip mostly outside the UK for the last nine days, I’ve been doing so completely on BlackBerry power (doable, but not recommended) and thus no updates from the Emerald Isle as planned – sorry! Suffice to say that all is well, bar my manicure at least; prolonged clicking away on tiny keys sadly doesn’t do a lot for expensive fibreglass wraps.

With a suitcase full of Barry’s tea, Tayto crisps, Clonakilty white puddings and not a little dirty laundry, I arrived back into home territory on Friday night and having had a day of rest yesterday (if you include answering emails, updating ads, paying bills online and general faffing) and a day of slightly more activity today (leaving me with scritchy arms from taking the Christmas tree down, amongst other things) I am now feeling far more like myself. A week and a bit keeping company amongst the gentlemen of Belfast, Cork and Dublin (the latter two in that order purely because the thought of being in an airport hotel on New Years Eve was enough to send me heading for the roof, even if I was sleeping peacefully by half past eleven in the end) may be about as much fun as it’s possible to have on a small island in winter but it’s tiring to say the least. And that’s just the ones who turn up.

A brief posting then for now, but as most will have seen I am now officially persona non grata for a couple of weeks at least – the phone is resolutely off and whilst I’ll be checking emails pretty much as usual thanks to Mr BlackBerry, there is no point requesting appointments until such a time as when some availability is posted, and this isn’t going to be any time in the next few days. Proper blog will follow soon, but for now a little more R&R is called for.

More in the week (promise).

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