happy valentine’s and busy busy!

By amy ~ February 15th, 2013 @ 12:45 am

amy 14febAnd a slightly belated Happy Valentine’s Day from what is fortunately now returning to a calm and peaceful apartment, after a couple of weeks of chaos with visitors aplenty both back in That London and more surprisingly right here in Scarborough – it seems that in turning forty I’ve begun turning up in a whole new punting demographic’s search criteria, a side effect I hadn’t quite anticipated. Gosh.

Add to this the twin mountains of Admin and Mending (or more accurately Taking In, since my spring dresses are all far too big) organising travel, hotels and ads for upcoming trips (and over the next couple of months there are a lot of these – see above for the New And Improved New York page!) plus tackling some seriously cold and snowy weather to get anywhere or anything done, including over to the gym for my regular Zumba, yoga and various other instructive ways of keeping warm whilst at home. Plus, as you can see, a handful of new pictures are finally on their way as of this afternoon – yay! There would be more if a nice sunny day decided to present itself, but we’ll make the best of what we got, and at least I now have some of me Being Forty, which will be winging their way to the various pages asap, or asa I get chance to finish cropping, resizing and tinkering with the light levels.

Next week, irrespective of weather, it’s back on the road – Douglas awaits for the first time in ages and I can’t wait to get back to my favourite little island, with the possible exception of Manhattan (coincidentally 1st – 5th March). I will be back over on the lovely Isle of Man from Monday until Thursday lunchtime, and following up the shenanigans with a celebratory hit and run dash to Glasgow for 2013’s mini Frightfest over the weekend – it’s fair to say that you need a bloody good excuse to go to Glasgow in February, and the opportunity to sit in a fabby independent cinema watching Bring Me The Head Of Machine Gun Woman and much-vaunted new anthology The ABCs of Death amongst other offerings (my money’s on 30% genius, 20% dire and 50% agreeable, with room for manoeuvre depending how good the last white pudding supper with curry sauce I ate was, and how recently I ate it) is a superb excuse indeed.

Another excellent reason for visiting Glasgow at any time of the year would be to catch up with the very wonderful Laura Lee, who as you can see in the video link below (of course there is sound; engage brain before watching) has also been very busy and in a far more worthwhile and constructive way than I, even if I have managed to get first dibs on all the cheap train tickets up until the end of April and clean the oven.

Those who remember the recent Rhoda Grant consultation in Scotland may not be aware that her Godfearing counterparts o’er the Irish Sea are having a go themselves, and whilst we don’t have an address to write to there’s still every opportunity to object to being told that all punters are evil rapists, and all prossies are passive, exploited victims except the Chosen Inconvenient Few (which would probably include me and certainly Laura, and all the other (100+?) willingly working women I have met personally over the years, and 99.9% of the people I haven’t met who post on SAAFE and Punternet; actually it’s not looking like so few, is it?) Anybody watching the above broadcast would be forgiven for wanting to reserve their efforts for a more worthy opponent than the erstwhile Lord Morrow, who came across like a demented Chatty Kathy doll with the button stuck, the difference being that Chatty Kathy had eleven different phrases.

Back at the ranch, and bar a little free time on Sunday of all days, I’m busy now until my departure, and whilst I’m back from Glasgow Sunday week I will be packing and preparing for my New York trip so am unlikely to be available for appointments between Monday and Thursday unless I am either 1: so exceptionally organised that I have all my packing and jobs done by Monday tea time (unlikely) or 2: getting a bit bored, so no harm in asking nicely. A bit of extra spending money never went to waste on Fifth Avenue, let’s face it.

More soon, including proper fly-on-the-wall pics (which I didn’t even have time to take any of in London, bar the ones below) including probably ones of chips, and certainly ones of it raining. victoriaview

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