going back to new york city…

By amy ~ February 28th, 2013 @ 8:15 pm

Shh! OK, it’s an auto publish, and technically I am Not Really Here. Or there, although I will be soon, and at some preposterous hour of the night which isn’t even appealing on UK time.

Having unexpectedly whiled away eight and a half hours getting home from Glasgow on Sunday after what the website called a ‘person-hit-by-train incident’ at (where else) Northallerton paralysed the East Coast main line and left us standing at Newcastle for three hours (thereby ensuring that all the fish shops were shut when I finally alighted back in Scarborough, and giving me reason to believe that the East Coast people may be colluding with WeightWatchers) I am currently spending a bit more time sitting in a mass transit vehicle of some sort (depending on when you’re reading, and when/if the WordPress timer I set works properly) getting backache, and shall be arriving at JFK in a few hours time – woohoo!

Practicalities for UK readers first – I’ll be back in a week, but the phone won’t be on until at least the 8th and when I’ll be available is not really decided yet. Just email, and I’ll sort it out (at what will appear to be some wildly exotic time in the middle of the night, but will probably be breakfast time in Manhattan). I did actually remember to reset my voicemail and everything this time, just for the benefit of the hard-of-reading.

To the Stateside folk, I’ll be there a little later but given the time and the distance, I’ll be resting up until lunchtime-ish at least. The remainder of Friday is pretty much booked anyway, so you’re not missing out and I anticipate my phone will be on from around 3pm (unless the new SIM card I’m trying fails to work, in which case it will be on in however long it takes me to do a mercy dash to Duane Reade). Bear with me.

And to Adultwork readers: my name is Amy, and I have a profile page which answers all the questions you were going to ask. Please read it before you email me to find out if I can do a 15 minute outcall to Aberystwyth at six am yesterday. Thank you (I know, I know, they still won’t read it).

Back soon. First on the list after a brace (or two) of inflight films is some proper chicken soup, a brew (tea brought from England) and lots and lots of …sleep.

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