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By amy ~ June 11th, 2013 @ 11:09 pm

sbjune2Three things even, considering that my location this time last week was London’s sun-bathed South Bank, the week before that an equally sun-bathed but slightly less manicured Isle of Man and just to make up the numbers, I am currently making my way towards (hopefully also sunny) Cork, which is pretty much different to everywhere else on Earth and definitely in a good way.

London trips often pass in something of a blur, but whilst last week was without doubt the busiest few days I have spent in the capital for a while, I still found a few moments (albeit my daily errand-hour first thing in the morning) to alternate between basking enjoyably in the June weather and skulking around the railway arches, mindful of potential freckles. I have caught up with a couple of much-missed gentlemen and welcomed lots of lovely new friends too, but three unexpectedly long, busy days in a row took their toll and after an action-packed early start on Thursday (plus fitting in another visit to David Bowie at the V&A before leaving at which I ran out of time again; anybody who is planning to go, you need at the very least two hours and more like two and a half) I was not only wilting a bit, but found myself jolting awake with a disorientated start at Newark North Gate and had to have a drink of water.

A scant five days at home (no rest for the wicked there either, although to be fair, I rely on local incalls to provide a reason for doing housework) and off to Ireland it is – yay! The dates are all overleaf, the UK phone is resolutely off and I will be traversing the Emerald Isle until the end of the month, whereupon a plane will deposit me briefly and handily back in That London to queue for a Frightfest pass early doors on Saturday 29th (longer standing readers will remember the shenanigans of last year in doing the whole trip from Scarborough on the day; the passes sold out barely twenty minutes after I got mine, so no chances being taken this time round) and then probably some sushi. Or in true Frightfest style, the always-mobbed Burger King on Leicester Square’s near corner that has wifi and never gives you any red sauce unless you ask in the sort of tone one might employ if holding up a rural post office.

July is still pencilled in as time off; plans for flooring, electricals and furniture shopping trips which rely on other people are all to be decided but the first week at least is definitely a write off, and depending on all sorts of unrelated whatnot it’s as well not to expect much in the way of availability Scarborough-wise until August at least. I will, however, be back in my ever-lovely SE1 pad from July 31st until August 4th (and yes, having a final look at David Bowie Is before it closes the following week). This time I’ll remember the Factor 50, too.

Anyway, (deep breath) by way of a full itinerary, Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny, Waterford, Dublin City and Tallaght all await – the suitcase is packed (and more importantly, weighed – incurring Ryanair’s wrath is nobody’s idea of fun) and I will be filling in along the way when I can. For now it’s bedtime – early start.sbankjunePS: A final quick note to heartily recommend the new(ish) and independent cafe at York station’s Platform 5 since I forgot last time – full marks to Filmore & Union for their exceptional porridge and Earl Grey, and for opening at 6am. There’s even currently a York Eye over the road, which is very nice for those missing being a professional northerner down in the capital.

More soon…

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