it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

By amy ~ December 18th, 2013 @ 4:46 pm

londondecA mid-week update, having newly arrived in my third London hotel of the last seven days and begun settling in nicely with the help of the usual local folk, who can always be relied upon for an enthusiastic welcome and especially at this time of year. And very nice they are too!

The week began well last Friday with a Big Night Out in Brixton and some über-liveliness at Gogol Bordello, merged seamlessly into Saturday with trips to see Billy Elliot at the Palace theatre followed by the obligatory It’s A Wonderful Life at the Prince Charles, a pre-last-day recce to Borough Market for a spot of freeloading and Christmas cheese comparison (inadvertently stumbling into Santacon along the way; I can report that far from being sherry, Santa’s refreshment of choice appears in fact to be Kronenbourg) and a not-entirely-unplanned return to Shake Shack.

The sun shone, and London is looking very celebratory indeed, from the fabulous London Landmarks in Lego displayed at Covent Garden, through the Leicester Square funfair (and not forgetting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, of which even the view from the 73 bus was tremendously exciting but I haven’t had time to go for a look) and naturally the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree – see pictures! And as of this afternoon and after managing the trek from Victoria (well, the ten minute bus ride anyway) I’m back in my very favourite London digs for the rest of the week – yay!

The next few days will bring more festivities both indoor and out – the German market is in full flow on the South Bank for those who might find themselves in the sort of emergency situation where only Glühwein and bratwurst will do, as well as the usual Saturday trip back to BM for treats (and trying hard to avoid the lady with the best Christmas cakes I have ever tasted but which, entirely predictably, cost more than my turkey). To this end, I may do the unthinkable and bypass it altogether in favour of the mini version – the Real Food Market will be in its usual spot behind the Royal Festival Hall from Friday onwards and I have no doubt it will be replete with everything I was going to embark on a twenty minute bus ride and an hour of fighting through the crowds to buy, namely fresh English muffins, Mrs King’s pork pies, cinnamon stars and brownies from Konditor and Cook plus some of that glassy, crystalline-textured parmesan that even a tiny corner of makes your eyes roll back in your head, and which has to be carefully hidden away from less salubrious cheeses lest it wind up on somebody’s spag bol by mistake (mine is snugly wrapped in paper and concealed in an empty margarine tub amidst the baking fats. Bahahahaha).

Back at the ranch, and due to demand (not to mention feeling a touch guilty, since I have been away an awful lot) I will be taking limited incall appointments in Scarborough on Monday 23rd – these need to be arranged before Sunday as – not unsurprisingly- I have a fair bit to get done when I get home (plus a bit of time off from wrapping and shopping will be very welcome indeed). Email for details, as it’s bloody chaos here. London-wise, a handful of appointments left tomorrow and one on Friday – don’t miss!

More soon…IMG-20131213-02147

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