By amy ~ June 19th, 2014 @ 2:35 pm

iom summer

A big wave from Scarborough (finally), via Douglas, the Isle of Man ferry and Liverpool too! Mostly sunny Douglas too, no less – after something of a battle up the M1 to get home the previous Monday afternoon in monsoon weather, the warm and pleasant day I woke up to having arrived in fit and cheerful but mostly sleepy mood late on Wednesday night was definitely a blessed relief, although the pink arms I acquired after less than an hours’ reading on the the beach less so. Thankfully everything is back to normal now and I will be cleverly avoiding bright weather by both being in Scarborough, and also watching every single game the now-underway World Cup has on offer (and congratulating myself I didn’t bet on Spain).

From what I could tell whilst cocooned inside the Champney’s bubble, the rain was not limited to Monday, and I made the most of two and a half days indoors with the usual mix of yoga, Zumba, Aqua Fit and a first (not entirely unsuccessful considering my complete lack of balance and coordination) attempt at T’ai Chi. Fast forward to Douglas this week and a fine time was had by all (with apologies to those who didn’t realise I was finishing early of an afternoon – sorry!) rounded off by a gentle stroll up to a Liverpool Nando’s for some peri-peri on the way home and back in time for the Argentina kick off – yay!

As the observant will have spotted already, the main news of the week would be an unexpected mini-trip to London tomorrow on Other Business – I will be up with the lark and heading South for the day with a bit of time to spare over lunch/early afternoon, so anybody wanting to keep company, let me know! If it’s too short notice fear not, I’ll be back next weekend – FrightFest looms on the horizon and the longer-every-year Sleepy Queue for weekend passes will be keeping me nerd-tastically busy all morning on Saturday the 28th, but I’ll be around from Friday for anybody in the Vauxhall area who fancies helping me get tired enough for a sensibly early night. Tomorrow’s venue will be a hop, skip and jump from Southwark tube, so a quick whizz round the Tate Modern to look at some Matisse may well be in order too (as might a pot of tea and a flapjack in the café, come to that).

A quick update then, but all will be back to normal from Monday, albeit with early finish times. My long awaited trip to Jersey follows from Sunday 29th and whilst it’s looking like a busy trip, this time I’ll have the sense to pack the sunblock…

More soon!


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