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By amy ~ July 8th, 2014 @ 6:00 pm

shardJuly5…or nearly that; sadly Friday’s blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures (that led me to skulk, fugitive-like in a shady corner of Cardinal Place with my packed lunch to avoid getting seriously frazzled) were nowhere to be seen at London Bridge at 8am on Saturday morning, meaning that the open-air viewing platform at the Shard was Off Limits For Health And Safety, and all yoga had to be practised some three levels down on the 70th floor instead for fear of slippage.

A fabulous time was still had (I don’t believe it possible for the London skyline to look dull no matter what the weather or even the setting, as the view from the toilets demonstrates) and even though the actual yoga had to stay under cover, we were all permitted to run up to the open air platform and have a look, or at least (in my case) hurriedly snap a few pictures and then turn a bit giddy when a gust of wind hit and run back down again – I wonder how many saw the Tour de France pass by from the 73rd floor yesterday afternoon?

For those in the yoga-know, I managed Dancer pose on both left and right sides without falling over for the first time ever and this prompted a mini-celebration by way of a full English with tea and real sugar on the way back across town to pack up and set about getting home, fortunately without too much of a scrap at York (although the easily-avoided Harrogate platform was still three deep with those off to catch the end of the Grand Depart) in good time for the football; by way of a sidenote I can highly recommend the huge kebabs from La Plaza on Falsgrave Road, ordered as emergency measure when extra time became apparent, delivered promptly and to the door in twenty minutes or so without any whiny phone calls, and about as good a kebab as I suspect anybody has ever had.

Next London visit will be the Pre Frightfest trip from 17th to the 21st of August (or the morning of it at least) and whilst location hasn’t yet been decided, my Waterloo digs are looking likely as it’s been a while; all will be revealed. Back to this week, and Other Business brings me to Leeds for a little bit of Thursday afternoon and then all day Friday and Saturday morning – yay! It’s been a while, and availability is dwindling fairly sharply so get in touch! The building work back home continues and Scarborough availability is as limited as ever, but I will be back for most of the rest of the month bar the occasional day out – as ever, the way to find out is text or email.

On with the evening’s pre-football preparations – it’ll all be over by this time next week! Fortunately my most favourite programme of last year Utopia returns for another series on Channel 4 and the keen eyed of Scarborough would do well to pay attention since bits of were being filmed just down the street from this very apartment a few months back, although not when I was in it. Possibly the only time this year when my Record Entire Series button will be employed and highly recommended (and if it turns out I missed out on a chance to meet Neil Maskell I will be seriously pissed off).

More soon! After the Nando’s, McDonald’s (including Diet Coke, the shame), fry up and mega-kebab of the last few days, it’s back to the drawing board fridge-wise and I will be persevering with all things raw, green and virtuous for the rest of the week, until Saturday afternoon in York, at least. Wish me luck…


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