fifteen more sleeps…

By amy ~ December 9th, 2014 @ 11:23 pm


…and we’re finally into the countdown; the advent calendar is up and running, I have eaten one haggis, a box of mint Matchmakers and watched Nightmare Before Christmas online once. Elf is next on the list having been stolen from Channel 4’s regular schedule by the dark forces at Sky (boooo) but as with so many things pacing is key, plus both are featuring at the Prince Charles Cinema during my London trip but anybody familiar with the PCC’s annual December line up won’t need me to tell them that. They may need me to tell them how the kebabs from the little serving hatch on Cranbourn Street are the best kebabs ever, so in that case, they are.

It’s been a busy month so far, but my newly Scarborough-settled and domestic status has allowed ample time to get organised; presents are all bought and wrapped, the Tesco online Christmas food orders are booked and (mostly) complete and New Tree – all seven foot five of it – is finally up and adorning the corner of the front room after a couple of minor battles with the lights, my favourite mini black cab, London bus and tube train taking pride of place amongst twenty-plus years worth of assorted bits and bobs. Even the fishes have got into the swing of things after a good clean out and a bit of satsuma.

Having been able to get everything online, I thankfully managed to avoid the town centre like the plague over the ‘Black Friday’ weekend (although despite still having no idea what it is and more pertinently, why we in the UK need to know about it, I still managed to book some very reasonably priced London hotel rooms – yay!) and left it until last Sunday to have a break from curtain-hemming and nip to Baxters for some roast potatoes under the pretext of picking up a few forgotten bits. Upon venturing tentatively into the precinct I was unexpectedly greeted by the shiny red Coca Cola truck putting in an appearance outside the shopping centre which brightened the place up nicely and no doubt warmed the hearts of dentists throughout the borough – not a Diet or Zero can in sight; sadly, we were not allowed to sit in it, but I did get a picture (above). I have so far managed to stoically resist the temptation of the brand new KFC on Huntriss Row (only by not walking past it), but early reports are positive…

A noticeable chill has appeared in the air over the last few days and still being fairly unaccustomed to the daily morning walk to work, the big winter coat and warm socks are doing double duty as well as my elderly combi boiler, and I’m under no illusions that there’s far worse to come. Some of it may well be in the Isle of Man a month from now, but as some will remember I got lucky last January and (fingers crossed) hopefully I will again! If not, well the indoor entertainment has never let me down yet, and I can’t wait for my first New Year trip…

Finally, and just to reiterate that page overleaf —–>, I’m here in Scarborough now for one more week before London beckons on the 18th and then that’s it until Monday 29th, when I’ll be back – woohoo! After that it’s business as usual until the 6th, barring New Year’s Day; sensible notice folks please, as whilst my phone will be on, I may still be watching the big TV on the big couch in my dressing gown and not necessarily half an hour from bestockinged and cheerfully punter-ready in my little citypad.

More soon. Back to the satsumas.


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