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By amy ~ February 4th, 2015 @ 3:03 pm


And a quick hello from a small but adequately heated corner of SW1V, where I’m briefly camping whilst I wait for my hotel room to get the OK (quite what those responsible do to every room in the hotel that makes them all suddenly and simultaneously ready at 3pm and not a second before is a mystery that has puzzled me for years – if anybody knows, by all means spill the beans). Fortunately my just-ended journey down to London Victoria was otherwise without hitches (obviously it was the right kind of snow today) and I post from the cafe over the road.

As you can see, I’ve still not quite got the hang of doing picture collages on the tablet, although it’s not as if I don’t have any (and the snow which greeted me upon pulling the curtains in Scarborough this morning would have been the very thing, but unfortunately I was too concerned about my slipping, tumbling over and rolling about in it to think of putting the camera on). Therefore my annual birthday onion bhajis will have to suffice for now – the celebrations stretched over almost a week in the end, starting with some superior haggis, cloutie dumpling and a singsong with Frank Sinatra at Boisdale’s Burns Night Hootenanny in Canary Wharf (recommended, especially if your idea of adventure is wandering around Docklands on a cold January night looking baffled and trying to find the might-as-well-be-a-secret entrance door) and winding up last Friday at the equally celebratory (but far cheaper) Tikka Tikka on Castle Road as can be seen above. Phew.

Back at HQ it’s been time for a spot of wallpaper stripping (and what a joy it is to have two half-finished flats to get on with instead of just the one) after giving myself a kick earlier in the week; irrespective of how quiet the middle bits of January and February can be, sitting about in my pyjamas eating Snack-A-Jacks and watching Event Horizon does not constitute work even if I am doing so in the work flat. With that in mind the decorating is back on track at last (plus, moving about a bit now and again is warmer). The boiler is still holding up too, although that’s a story for another day.

Availability for the next few days is scattered – give me a call! I will be around until Saturday lunchtime, and then back in Scarborough bright and early on Monday, weather permitting.

More soon. I think I heard somebody flick the Rooms Are Ready …Now!!! switch.


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