here comes summer!

By amy ~ May 15th, 2015 @ 10:54 pm

summer screen2

Well Summer Screen, anyway; after several years of missing out on the films I wanted thanks to either leaving it too late or buggering up my London dates pre (or post) Frightfest, I have finally this time – actually this morning – managed to score tickets for two nights of 2015’s programme over at Somerset House – yay!

There were some tough choices, dismissing the Withnail & I/An American Werewolf In London double bill probably the toughest, but I’m very happily looking forward to Do The Right Thing on Friday 14th and (another double bill the Prince Charles Cinema would covet) True Romance and Warriors on Saturday 16th; I’m still waiting to find out the winner of the Musicals vote to decide whether to go home after or stay for more, and have thus far voted for Singing In The Rain three times and West Side Story twice (anybody who wants to help things along can do so here).

In terms of training and preparation, spending a few hours lying around on the cobbled bit outside Scarborough’s market hall would probably be useful, but as it’s also a road, not practical and I have already started plotting ideas for comfy and portable things to sit on after winding up with nothing but my trusty woolly hat between me and the courtyard last time I went, and subsequently suffering such a brutally numb arse that I couldn’t walk the ten minutes to the night bus stop at Trafalgar Square and had to get a taxi.

Recalling the food and drink prices then (and it was five years ago), picnics will also be ruthlessly planned. Site rules dictate no glass, crockery or sharp knives and cans are limited to two per person, but sandwiches, scotch eggs, Dairylea triangles and Konditor & Cook Fudgepacker brownies remain unfettered by regulation, and mini sausages are a free space. I predict some fraught August afternoons in the food hall at the Long Acre M&S. Fingers crossed it stops short of an actual riot.

summer screen

This coupled with Frightfest over the Bank Holiday weekend means that I will be spending a fairly significant chunk of August in London – roughly the entire second half in fact, give or take a week in the middle. It’s fortunate in a way, since this fits in neatly with a period where Scarborough becomes temporarily uninhabitable for anybody who likes to get things done at a brisk pace and the best place for them to be, realistically, is somewhere else (or alternatively – having been somewhere else – holed up in the house like a fugitive doing all the laundry and repacking the suitcase before bogging off again, which pretty much summarises my Plan A). Availability details for Scarborough especially will be planned, sorted and posted far nearer the time.

Coincidentally, it’s London next week too! For the keen-as-mustard who have been calling already, it’s too soon to book yet but unless there’s some catastrophe I’ll be in Victoria on Wednesday afternoon and anybody who really can’t hold their horses can call on Tuesday which is my last day in Scarborough for a week, don’t forget. I’ll also thank the very kind folk concerned for all the compliments on the new site generally, and the boobies (and bum) in particular – you’re very gracious.

Update when I’m back if not before! Isn’t it lovely to finally be able to go out for the day without a coat on?


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