Happy Easter! or time flies II…

By amy ~ March 28th, 2016 @ 12:41 am

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And hello! Apologies for radio silence – it really hasn’t been deliberate, but a break is a break and thanks to ten days away followed by the continuing of my foray into the world of serious home improvement upon my return I’ve barely sat in front of the computer for more than a few minutes, and despite vague feelings of guilt at being a lazy cow I’ve rather enjoyed it. Anyway, Happy Easter to everybody!

I sincerely doubt a post about putting up shelves or the nerve-shredding excitement of spending a day drilling holes through ceramic wall tiles to install bathroom fittings would have set the page alight, fun though it was, but a couple of weeks in the scruffs with painty hair and toolbox in hand has done me the world of good, and progress is definitely being made along with a lot of purchases – yay! My original goal of getting the place finished inside ten years may yet come to pass although I’m not holding my breath. And once this one’s done, I can get cracking with the work flat.

Light years ago at the start of the month, New York was not just terrific fun but bright and balmy enough to walk around in a T-shirt which I did – to the Museum of Natural History, the Tenement Museum and the new(ish) One World Trade Centre observatory, among other places. As some will remember, my last trip in November didn’t leave a lot of wriggle-room for free time and exploring leaving me a touch fed up by the end; this was put right with aplomb. Thanks also to the predictable hiccups and misunderstandings surrounding Why Confirmation Calls Are Necessary, I unexpectedly got to spend most of a day at the former (apparently the setting for Night At The Museum, which I haven’t seen but should ring a bell for anybody who has) learning all about geodes, bivalves and soil, and enthusiastically photographing dinosaurs – far more fun than sitting around in a hotel room! That said, it was a very nice hotel room and I even got to watch Better Call Saul live on AMC, once I found it between the billion or so channels of baffling sports coverage and infomercials.

More of the location report will follow (and with pictures!) but given the hour a degree of brevity is needed for now, and whilst I’ll be back at the coal face bright-eyed, bushy tailed and resolutely not smelling of paint on Tuesday, I’m not there now, and I have half an Easter egg and some chocolate buttons to get through. I’ll still be decorating, so allow at least one hours’ notice this week, please – back to normal the week after.

Proper post soon! Buttons and bed first.

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  1. Dave

    Happy Easter Amy x


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