here comes summer (finally)…

By amy ~ May 25th, 2016 @ 1:24 pm

scarborough escorts

And summer finally seems to have stuck it’s head above the parapet – I can report that earlier in the week I left the house wearing only one cardigan and no coat which probably means it was touching twenty degrees at least, although it all seems to have gone a bit pear shaped today.

For readers outside Scarborough, these temperatures are what passes for stifling here and as such the DIY has been reduced to tinkering with wiring, general oddbod repairs and tidying-up jobs rather than anything more full on – even the screeding is having to wait. What are not are my shiny new double sockets with integral USBs that are making me feel a bit like James Bond (or like James Bond probably would if he lived in a hotel, which is the only other place I’ve ever seen such unabashed luxury).

This weekend sees the annual Malton Food Lover’s Festival where I will be buying cheese, sausages and hopefully more water buffalo burgers as well as trying not to eat too many bhajis, cakes and pork pies prior to my London trip on the 1st – Victoria is calling, and bar the Friday afternoon when I’ll be persona non grata for a couple of hours whilst poking around in the dark somewhere underneath Euston Station, all are welcome until noon on Saturday when I will be heading for the V&A, I think. If I’m feeling brave, anyway.

Bookings will be taken from Monday – a little earlier than I normally would but there are already some keen folk out there. For anybody who does miss out, the Film4 Summer Screen tickets are on sale from tomorrow (a week or so later than last year, but all things come to those who wait) and whilst my August travels are in the planning stages, there’s likely to be a longer trip and new location too – yay! I don’t quite know how the the programmers always manage to stick at least two of my very favourite films in, but thankfully they’ve generally been close enough together not to require two sets of train tickets; I have no doubt there are people who can spare both the time and the money to spend two full weeks in a West End hotel but sadly, I’m not one of them.

Barely a moment after my return the Euros will be in full swing across the Channel, which will give me chance to both polish my embarrassingly rusty French and unapologetically skive (well if you can’t when you’re self employed, when can you?) for a few days in front of the big telly with a water buffalo burger in each hand. As we can see (if we look elsewhere online anyway, since I know the wallchart photo leaves a fair bit to be desired), the weekdays with a 2pm game are the 13th, 15th, 16th & 17th – these will be normal availability until 1pm when I’ll be finishing for the day, heading for home and spending the remainder of the day on the couch.

The 5pm starts will have less effect and the 8pm ones none at all from a punter POV, but it’s worth checking the front page of my site that week especially – I’ll be starting earlier on request, but 1 o’clock will be the absolute cut off. I’ll update with the later stages as we go but bear in mind that – as with the World Cup – if there’s a match on, I’ll be watching it.

To the remainder of this week, and it’s business as usual here by the seaside! More soon…

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