hot off the press – almost…

By amy ~ August 11th, 2016 @ 9:54 pm


Well, yes and no. There’s new photos! But not very many, thanks to my woeful cackhandedness in spending over an hour getting everything ready only to get started on the first set and knock the tripod over whilst blundering about without my glasses – as a result I am minus one Nikon lens (which wouldn’t be the end of the world had I owned more than one, but I don’t). And I’ve had such a busy week I haven’t even had time to look at them.

If I’m honest, I’ve wondered a few times about the actual value of new pictures, given that – unless I’m seriously deluded and/or my eyesight is even worse than I thought – my appearance doesn’t change much from one year to the next. To folks who’ve just happened across my site all the photos are new, and I’m never convinced that regular visitors check back that often because they know what I look like anyway!

But it’s all good fun – sort of. For those who (like me) don’t earn their living having their picture taken, being forced to pore over three or four hundred near-identical images of yourself for hours in the hope of being able to pick out twenty or so in which you have both eyes fully open, just the one chin and generally don’t look too much like the Pillsbury dough boy in a wig and heels is not the way I’d choose to spend a free afternoon, but needs must. I have a few to be going on with upon my return, and when I actually replace the lens and have time for a rerun I’ll have another go. And in the meantime here’s a phone snap to make do!


As the top bit might have indicated the time has whizzed by once again, and at this time tomorrow I will hopefully be well fed, wide awake and cosy in my blanket watching one of my all time favourites, Jackie Brown at Summer Screen – yay! Fingers crossed for no travel disasters, and all being well I will be checking into a brand new spot shortly after lunchtime – it may not be quite what I’m used to, but it’s proximity to Somerset House (first) and fast food (second) was the criteria and looking at Google Maps I believe the objective has been achieved. And if I like it, I’ll be back! Even if I don’t, I’ll likely be this time next year just for the blessed convenience.

A brief update then; I’ll be back in Scarborough next Wednesday, and probably available if I’m not too tired and have done all the laundry. Fast forward a week and I’ll be off again on Thursday 25th for FrightFest, but all in good time. Meanwhile, predictably, my record of the week is brought to us by the Jackie Brown soundtrack (and see also the Shuggie Otis original)…

A return to the 21st century next week, I think. Anyway, I’m saving Dennis Coffey for a special occasion – I just haven’t decided which one.

Back soon!

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1 Response to hot off the press – almost…

  1. Bermon

    I like looking at your photos and always look forward to new ones. It reminds me to keep saving up…


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