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By amy ~ December 2nd, 2016 @ 1:35 pm


Well now I remember why I worked in Pimlico! Charming punters, peace & tranquility in abundance and only ten minutes or so walking through Mary Poppins-esque streets to get away from it when you’ve had enough.

Having Tate Britain on the doorstep is never a bad thing when a chance to while away a couple of hours mooning about over the Pre-Raphaelites presents itself, not to mention returning to the familiar cosiness of my original regular workplace (which has changed in some respects and not others; the temperamental plumbing hasn’t improved but I have a long memory and easily got the measure of it). Also on the cards was my final Hidden London tour of the year and a guided stroll around London’s first skyscraper and TfL headquarters 55 Broadway, complete with tea, biscuits and a fabulous view as well as some very interesting statues, ceilings and staircases for those who like that kind of thing.

Other buildings of note worth a mention would have to include the newly finished-off Scala renovation at Kings Cross (for those that remember Shock Around The Clock, amongst other things), but I didn’t have time to investigate further before train time. All in all, a very pleasant few days and since I enjoyed it so much I will be repeating it in a months time for my post-Christmas trip – yay! The well equipped kitchenette including full size fridge crying out to be packed with leftover turkey, stuffing and pork pie had no bearing on the decision, honest.

Back home and it’s been an unexpectedly busy couple of weeks, all the better for the annual Black Friday shop and hotel-booking extravaganza I’ve had carefully planned for months. All the travel arrangements are sorted until Easter, my broadband is switching as we speak and the glut of smart home audio kit which isn’t already making my floorboards rumble is winging it’s way here courtesy of the Teufel flash sale. Purchase of the week is the final solid oak floor, after months of saving up, planning and general messing about – this will be getting fitted as a matter of some urgency (since I currently have nowhere to put the Christmas tree) which might well affect bookings next week, but nothing’s cast in stone yet and bar my hopefully-not-too-tube-strike-beset run down to Brixton to see the Pixies on Tuesday I’ll be about all week, if potentially a bit angry and sawdusty.

The aforementioned trip does mean that I won’t be around after 12 noon on Tuesday or before 12.30(ish) on Wednesday, but everything else is as normal and I plan to get the Christmas and New Year hours nailed down asap – promise. It’ll be here before we know it, and over with again even faster…

To Song Of The Week, and we have one that most who have actually met me should be familiar with – since the man himself would have been seventy four last Sunday I have spent a fair bit of my downtime working my way through the back catalogue, as well as preparing a suitably varied playlist to test the mettle of the Teufel when it arrives. This will likely be on it.

More soon. Floor update and Christmas hours especially. I’m doing it now!

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