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By amy ~ November 7th, 2017 @ 3:54 pm

A very quick update not just to confirm that the bags are packed, Scarborough is done with until next week and everything is on schedule for London (and availability is dwindling faster than usual which I’m wondering about, since I cannot imagine it’s as cold at Aldgate East as it is here), but to relay possibly the most important news of the week or indeed the year; Series 3 of my very favourite programme Detectorists debuts on Wednesday evening at 10pm on BBC4. Not that my phone wouldn’t be off at that hour anyway, but in this situation everything will be off bar the television for the return of the TV equivalent of a big hug, only funnier.

Since we’re here and this is getting copied and pasted to AW shortly, a reminder to all that for same day bookings please call or text me; sending an email – especially via a time-consuming third party messaging system that requires a log in to get to it in the first place – at 11.14am asking if I’m available ‘this morning’ is optimistic if we’re being polite, and a virtual plethora of other useful words (none of them polite) if we’re not. Pick. Up. The. Phone.

Also since I’m here (and the bath is still running), for the purposes of emphasis regarding last weeks’ Outdoor Running vs Treadmill, the upper photo is what the former looks like where I live (almost literally, given that the bit of scrub where I took the picture one morning last week is no further than ten minutes’ walk from my door). No contest, even in the plummeting temperatures and winds that can best be described as bracing even to those of us who are used to it. Brrr.

London is under twenty four hours away and I’ll be back in Scarborough in six days time – watch this space! Time to get warmed up with the Doors. I can at least pretend I’m in the desert.

Back soon!

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