where did the month go?

By amy ~ May 23rd, 2018 @ 2:43 pm

It’s a full five weeks since I got home from my last trip out of a travel-packed April and thus it’s less than a week to go before I’m off again! And just as the sun is starting to come out for more than half an hour a week.

The next couple of days will be business as usual here in Scarborough with a fair bit of extra gym time thrown in; the London Vitality 10K will be kicking off my trip next Monday morning and alongside Sir Mo Farah (OK, quite a long way behind Sir Mo Farah) I will be taking to the capitals’ streets again for a razz around some of the landmarks – the route is on the site as well as above! Lord, I hope the temperature bucks the forecast and stays sensible.

Further final preparations have (predictably) come in the form of some serious food planning aided as always by the kind people at Farmaround and their trusty veg boxes; this week (as per the photo) I’m wrestling with a bundle of old sticks salsify (wha?) as well as mountains of greenery, mushrooms, a couple of nice shiny aubergines and some organic butter – yay! I can’t recommend Farmaround highly enough (or their meat and cheese box-providing counterparts at Heartier – links to both over on the right), even though it means my kitchen has a very fine but constant covering of sandy soil from all the mucky root things. My Sunday morning soda bread probably contains a fair bit of it too, but I’m made of pretty stern stuff and I’m sure it will all help on Monday, twenty eight degree heat notwithstanding.

As promised – the World Cup update, now that (courtesy of When Saturday Comes, my favourite football magazine) I have my wall chart! The fun starts on the evening of Thursday the 14th of June, but the actual daytime stuff gets underway the following day with games at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm and follows this pattern daily until Sunday 24th with the exception of Saturday 16th, which also has France vs Australia at 11am (but given that I could probably count the number of Saturdays I work in a year without having to take my shoes and socks off, it’s probably irrelevant). This means that I will be finishing bookings at either 12.30 or 1.30pm depending on whether the 1pm fixture is being shown on BBC (no +1 channel) or ITV (+1 channel, which obviously gives me the option of tuning in an hour behind). Without my listing every single day individually, that’s going to be by far the easiest way to find out.

From Monday 26th June until Tuesday 3rd July, things move to 3pm and 7pm daily – this means a 2.30 or 3.30pm finish, and the quarter finals onwards follow from Friday 6th; by this time there are fewer games to worry about and whilst I’ll still be done in time to be home for the 3pm starts we’re only talking about a handful of days. By the time the home straight rolls around mid-July I’ll be back in London – yay! But all that can wait for now…

Time for a rousing and purposeful Song Of The Week to get the energy up! Also a favourite from my running playlist, although I’ll leave it to the likes of Mo Farah to keep pace with it.

More soon! Wish me luck for Monday, or even better – pray for rain. Or just a nice cool breeze.

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  1. Secret Admirer

    Keeping fingers crossed for Vitality on Monday!


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