update from the (not so) cheap seats!

By amy ~ August 25th, 2018 @ 10:51 pm

And a quick debrief; it’s the halfway mark, the weekend activities are in full swing and the annual challenge of seeing as many films on the schedule as possible when they’re spread across four different screens each with it’s own timetable is proving as enjoyable as ever if endlessly frazzle-inducing.

So far I have only fallen asleep once, ditto going home early when I couldn’t be bothered with the night bus on the Thursday just to rewatch John Carpenters’ Halloween after it was substituted for Blood Fest (which I did want to see), despite it’s stellar pedigree and my fondness for anything with a thumpy electrosynth soundtrack. Proper weekend recommendations will follow soon, which ought to please those with Netflix access.

I have also caught a preview of the shiny new heist film American Animals at the BFI during some non-FF time (and can highly recommend it – released on 7th September, I think), wrestled gamely with the Morrison’s online grocery order for when I get back and finally – this very morning bright and early – been over to see some Picassos at the Tate Modern before the exhibition closes in a couple of weeks (followed by tea, cake and a sneaky disco nap in the members room before the FrightFest day started up).

I will be home on Tuesday evening, and probably back at work on Wednesday all being well; I ought to point out that tiredness could defeat me yet and if it doesn’t, five days of having Mini Cheddars and Dr Pepper for breakfast might. Drop me a text and see.

More soon, including the recommendations! The next film starts in ten minutes…

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  1. Alfred Hitchcock

    ‘I have always said that a woman should be like a good horror film: the more space is left to the imagination, the better.’


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